Why strategy alone isn't enough to build your coaching business

I know you want to build your coaching business so SO bad. You’re prepared to work hard, to study hard and hoover up every bit of information and cutting edge strategy you can. I KNOW that.

But here’s the thing.

Strategy alone isn’t enough to build your coaching business

In fact, too much strategy could very well be holding you back and keeping you further from that dream.

Strategy means nothing without action. And that next course, webinar or tele-series you think you need first? It’s a BS story you’re telling yourself.

How do I know? I did it too (still do occasionally, I’ve just learned to catch myself sooner!)

I  know how it feels to be so stuffed full of strategy and tactics but to struggle with the implementation bit.

So in this episode of The Work Happy Coaching Podcast I’m going to share with you just why strategy alone isn’t enough to build your coaching business and how you can put what you already know to use to start making progress, getting clients and making money right now.

I’m going to cover:

  • Why strategy alone isn’t enough to build your coaching business (and how too much is holding you back)
  • The number 1 thing that DOES make a difference when it comes to building a coaching business
  • How my biggest fear as a new business owner came true (and why it was the best things that could happen)
  • How to you manage your own resistance to taking action in your business.

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