why self care is the new feminism

Why Self Care is The New Feminism

When my guest today first uttered the words ‘self care is the new feminism’ my whole being went ‘yes’! In that way that happens when someone expresses something so obvious and true that you marvel at how no one had come up with it before.

My path first crossed with Brigid Dineen when she became a client of mine and she truly is amazing. She describes herself as a life coach but really she’s a change catalyst, a soul whisperer, and the mama bear for your self-care. You can think of her as your own, down-to-earth Yoda. Brigid believes that self-care is the new feminism. Listen in to this episode as we get deep and talk about building a coaching business filled with self-care and soul.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Brigid’s story of becoming a life coach and what originally held her back from getting started
  • How her business and offerings evolved in an organic and soulful way
  • Why Brigid believes that self-care is the new feminism
  • Her experience with “saying the bold thing” and having it resonate with her ideal audience
  • The benefit of following your intuition and coming from a heart centred place, while also placing a priority on the metrics
  • How going with the flow brings the right people into your life (and the business) at the right time
  • Letting the soul of your business take you on its journey
  • Inviting the energy of what success feels like to you into your now
  • Setting boundaries as an act of self-care and an act of growing your business
  • The difference between self-care practices and self-care choices
  • How her clients are helping to guide the direction of her business rather than Brigid always having to figure out what’s next
  • Brigid’s advice for anyone just starting out in their coaching business


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