Truth time – I really wasn’t sure about using that line on the front page of my website.

I felt a bit icky about it (and I’m on a mission to ban all activities that leave us feeling icky so you see my problem!)

I really didn’t want to give the impression that I think making money is the be all and end all of life OR that it’s easy. It’s not and it isn’t.

I have a strong aversion to the MLM style marketing of showing pictures of mansions, cars and girls holding bunches of cash. All of the ‘work from home and earn 6 figures in 3 months’  is infuriating, misleading and pollutes the internet and Facebook feeds of most of us.

Those messages seem designed to appeal to the most desperate sides of us. I hate it and I call total Bull Sh*t on it.

I’m NOT trying to tell you making money as a coach should be the prime purpose of your efforts (who would I be to tell you that anyway? It’s your business and the driving force of it is just that – your business.

I’m also NOT here to say that it’s an instant, just follow these simple steps to be making a ton of cash thing. Building a business takes time and work. If you’re thinking of becoming a coach to make lots of money, believe me, there are probably quicker and easier ways to do so.

But if you’re committed to being a coach because you love it; you love the power of the process, the ability to change people’s lives for the better, the stretch and personal growth it demands of both you and your clients, then buying a yacht on the back of your coaching earnings probably isn’t high on your agenda anyways.


Money is still vital

It’s vital because without it you won’t be able to continue to coach. You won’t be able to self-care enough to be present and focused and stretched and courageous enough to coach.

It’s vital because living in fear of not having enough money is the worst place in the world to coach from (I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to dread the credit card statement or the letters from school asking for money for the latest trip knowing you’re gonna have to tell your kid they can’t go because you can’t pay it.)

I’ve seen it happen time and time again.Unless you are able to earn money as a coach (I mean a proper amount that you can live and thrive on) you’re very likely to give up on your dream to do this for a living.

And that blows.

Sucks big time

And denies the world of one more person putting some good out there.

Many coaches spend so much time struggling to make ends meet and working their assess off without seeing much traction. I have been there. I thought it was NEVER going to happen that I’d be able to make money from my coaching. Each client felt like a fluke – like a wonderful stroke of luck but something I had no idea how to replicate. I felt very much as the mercy of the universe. I got used to feast and famine – too many clients (and not enough time – or income because I wasn’t charging nearly enough) or too few clients and that sicky, panicked feeling around how I was going to pay the bills.There didn’t seem to be a middle ground and it was mega stressful.


Maybe you already know that feeling- having no clue how to conjure up new clients? To feel ever so slightly desperate when you’re not booking enough? For your business to feel like a scary (and not in the good way) roller coaster ride?


Can I tell you when that changed for me? When I finally got the foundation pieces of my business in place. When I finally had clarity of WHO I did my best work with. When I could explain precisely HOW I helped those clients. When I was able to communicate to a wide enough audience and  had STRATEGIES I could repeat that were guaranteed to grow my reach of potential clients. What’s more, I could do it in a way that was just…me. I stopped trying to be someone I wasn’t. I stopped trying to emulate what I saw others doing and finally, truly, confidently allowed myself to show up authentically.

The moment it came together? When clients just started booking with me (no cajoling, schmoozing or chasing). The first time all my coaching slots booked out, I wrote this to my mastermind buddies:


“Total strangers have booked me. It’s a magical feeling to see bookings from total strangers. Like discovering fairies at the bottom of the garden magical!”


That’s what I want for you. It’s possible – I promise.

Want to find out how? Book a discovery session with me  – let me help you discover your own route to a thriving, sustainable business.

Unleash your inner Hermione.

(Or Harry,

or Glenda The Good Witch

or even Samantha Stephens – it’s your party)

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