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In the first of this two part interview, we’re getting into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming – terrible name, I know!)

Out of all of the tools and practices I’ve learned and applied – both in my work and in my ‘life’ (although it’s very difficult to separate the two if I’m honest!) it’s NLP that’s had the most dramatic impact It’s helped me to clear up old unhelpful thinking patterns, healed a lot of old wounds and allowed me to develop an honest, loving and hopeful relationship with the world.

I use many of the techniques and presuppositions of NLP with client – both one to one and in the training room. The only problem is that when I try and explain it to people or write about NLP – it feels like an inarticulate mush comes out!

NLPis a ‘doing’ thing for me – I’m very comfortable using it and I’m confident I’ve a high level of skill when doing so.  My problem comes when I try and explain NLP in it’s entirety – the high level, what is it, where did it come from, how can I use it? etc.

So rather than try and bluff it I thought I’d go to the one person who explains NLP better than anyone else I know. His name is Chris Grimsley and he’s the founder of NLP In The Northwest and he’s the man responsible for teaching me NLP to Master Practitioner Level. Chris has a really down to earth, straight talking genius to him and a gift for explaining the sorts of things that would have me in a tongue tied mess!

So I asked Chris all the questions I get asked – like:

  • What does NLP stand for?
  • What is NLP’s origins and background (Is is all California hippy stuff?)
  • What IS NLP?

In part one of our discussion Chris and I go over everything you wanted to know about NLP (but were too afraid to ask!)

You can find out more about Chris Grimsley at NLP In The Northwest

And you can find him on Facebook here.

In the next episode we’ll get into how you can practically use NLP to improve your happiness and effectiveness both in and out of work.

Listen in and let me know what your thoughts are by leaving a comment below.