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One of the key components of most coaching philosophies is that you are not an expert – the client is. In fact, in some coaching philosophies, giving advice,  instruction or even information is frowned upon. This leads to many emerging coaches struggling to define and explain what coaching actually is to potential clients, let along how they can stand out as someone they might want to work with.

Holly Worton is my guest today and she knows all about this issue. She’s a certified coach who combines her coaching skills with her pre-exisiting expertise – in Holly’s case, social media.

She has created a blended style – part coaching, part mentoring, part consultancy, to really help her clients (typically heart centered business owners, holistic practitioners and coaches.)

Here are some takeaways from our talk:

  • Find the group of people who you really resonate with
  • Don’t stress about your niche – relax, coach and enjoy the journey.
  • Get some coach training – just because coaching is an unregulated profession with no legal requirement for certification, don’t make the mistake that you can just call  yourself a coach and add real value to people.
  • Get some coaching yourself – your head is in your own business so much that you can’t have the same clarity that someone outside of that to give you a different perspective.

Holly’s tips for emerging coaches wanting to up their social media game

  • Start blogging – it will help you to find and refine your message and your niche, build up a following and improve your confidence.
  • Get started sooner rather than later on social media
  • Find out what sites you like – don’t feel you have to be on them all
  • If you aren’t yet sure of your niche: just start getting to know people online – find Facebook and Google plus groups where you resonate with other people and who can support you in your business.
  • If you do know your niche, get really clear on where your ideal customers hang out on social media and hang out there too.

Connect With Holly at  SociallyHolistic to start building connections online. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or Instagram.


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