who heals the healers

Today, Holly Worton and I talk about who heals the healers, and who coaches the coaches.

Where do we go to get help when we need it? We’re not used to being vulnerable, and often we feel like we have to show everyone that we’ve got our shit together. It can be hard to reach out and ask for help when we’re used to being the receptacle for other people’s stuff. People always say to be vulnerable and share the shit when we’re on the other side and can talk about the learning experience, but where do we go when we’re in the middle of the shit?

In this conversation, Holly and I talk openly and honestly about our own struggles with cultivating consistent and robust self-care and the challenge of making real connections in this virtual world in which we work. I share how my friendships were challenged when I first started my own development journey,  and how I still struggle with making friends in the ‘real’ world.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why coaches and healers need support, too – even when we have our own tools to help ourselves
  • What happens when we don’t get the support we need
  • How to reach out and ask for help – before we reach burnout or overwhelm
  • How do you recognize when you need help
  • Why we need energetic boundaries – and how to set them
  • How to find places where it’s more give and take – where we don’t have to keep up appearances
  • Why we need spaces where we can show up as us, with all the bits – and where to find these communities

Things We Discussed In Our Who Heals The Healers Episode:

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