what tales do you tell yourself that-2

Don’t fear the fear.

It’s just a story we tell ourselves

Because I’m afraid it must mean…


Fear is a chemical reaction in our brain. Our reptilian selves responding to a stimulus (real or more often, imagined.) It FEELS real. But that’s all it is – a feeling. We can choose to believe it. Or let it be.

We fear things that haven’t (and likely will never) happen. (What if I ask for the business and they laugh in my face?)

We fear things that make no logical sense to fear (a harmless money spider, a letter from the bank,  The sound of your mother’s voice when she’s angry?* )

Because fear isn’t logical.

Fear is hyped up and sustained by the stories we tell ourselves. Like Grimm’s fairy tales of our own making.

If I’m afraid of this is must be a sign I’m not ready.

If I publicly put out this blog post people will reject at me (and I’ll die of humiliation*)

I’d have to become a heartless, selfish, money grabbing b### to be successful in business

They’ll think I’m…

It will mean I’m …

Not helpful

Ask Yourself Instead:

  • What tales do you tell yourself about the things that scare you?

  • What do you have to believe to keep feeling small?

  • What new beliefs will you need to have to fully embrace your boldness? Tweet This!

Below are some suggestions – you’re welcome to use any that work for you:

That I’m a worthy, skilled and a beautifully flawed human being, allowed to make mistakes.

I can be successful and still be a nice person.

Me making money in my business is a good thing because I’ll have more freedom and can do better work.

Good people make money too

Remember – there’s power in declaration. Leave your own desired new beliefs in the comments section below.

*no one has ever died of these. EVER

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