What it Takes to Publish Your Book (Both Inner & Outer Work)
Today, Holly Worton and I talk about what it takes to publish a book, both the practical action that needs to be taken, as well as the inner work so we can step out of our comfort zone and actually take that action. We discuss Holly’s upcoming book, and the steps she’s taken to ensure that she gets the book out into the world in a much bigger way than she has with her previous eight books. 

What You’ll Learn

  • What it takes to write a book (both practical action and inner work)
  • The full process Holly used to write her upcoming book, from concept to publication
  • How things have changed in independent publishing over the past couple of years
  • Dos and Don’ts of book cover design, including tips that can make or break your book
  • A super easy (and affordable) way to crowdsource your book cover design
  • How to print a paperback without ending up with a garage full of books
  • How to deal with the inevitable mindset stuff that comes up along the way
  • Why we need to keep doing the mindset work throughout the project

Other Resources

99 Designs – for book covers and other graphic design http://99designs.com

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