What if you didn't have to hustle-2 (1)

  • Get your ass out there.
  • Hustle
  • Make it happen
  • Take massive action
  • Hold 20 intake sessions per week
  • The difference between success and failure is the amount you’re willing to work.


A piece of advice I got early on in my business building was that I was going to have to ‘hustle’ to make things work.

I hated the thought of that.

I still do.

Hustle suggests a white, steel energy – like you’ve drunk too much caffeine.

Hustle has a tightness

Hustle is swagger and busy and full of front.

Hustle is … exhausting.

I needed an alternative. I posed myself the question I’m posing to you now. What if you didn’t have to hustle?

When it comes to building a sustainable business Hustle is NOT the name of the game.

Clarity, Insight, Balance and Trust are.

So many of us try and launch our businesses like we’re pushing some enormous rock up a steep hill. We’re ready to put in the work – but we don’t know what actions to take – so we spend countless hours, weeks and months frantically blogging and Facebooking, ‘marketing’, putting together offers, websites, writing e-books and opt ins  and running ourselves ragged in the process.

Hustle = busy without a plan

Smart = tapping into the joy and maximizing what comes naturally.

  • Building on your strengths.
  • Stepping into the space of co-creation with the right clients.
  • Having a solid foundation on which to build.
  • Creating a plan with space to craft, evolve and play.
  • Having the confidence to enjoy to ride.

Smart is the dog kahunas


Smart is:

When you have the foundations in place – knowing who you are, where your strengths lie, who you do your best work with, where your place of genius is.


Having a clear message that your ideal clients not only understand but speaks to them on a deep, intuitive level that say …yes

Creating packages that your potential clients want to BUY. Knowing how much to charge and how to sell your wondrous box of transformational skills

Feeling confident with a way of communicating, connecting and creating relationships over time that feel good, solid and right to you (and allow you to build relationships with the right people)

What if you didn’t need to hustle? How would that feel?

You don’t need to hustle.

You CAN lean into ease.

You can take ACTION without the exhaustion.

You can learn to trust yourself, your business and your process – without being so distracted by shiny objects and the next must have strategy.

You have a business that feeds you rather than exhausts you.


Some Prompt Questions To Help You:

What skills do you have already that can help you with a tricky issue you’ve got around your biz right now?

Need more clients? What would be an enjoyable way to connect with more people this week? What one message would you like them to have?
I cover all four of these foundation areas(and more) in my The Supernova Collective group experience. If you’re ready to step out of hustle,  click here.

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