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Let me tell you why I'm so delighted you're here
You know why? Because if you’re here it means you are ready to step up and out and build your meaningful business in a way that supports your unique perspective, mission, and style.

And that’s amazing because we desperately need your voice and your heart out in the world.

In this video, I’m going to explain:

  • What we do around here and what I mean by ‘meaningful business’
  • Why marketing and traditional business advice might leave you feeling super awkward (and why that’s 100% ok)
  • The importance of having a community of fellow travelers, cheerleaders, and supporters around you – and where you can find them.


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Hi, I’m Jo Casey. I’m the creator of the Meaningful Business Academy. I’m a coach, I’m a mentor, I’m the host of the Meaningful Business podcast and I want to welcome you. Like properly welcome you, from me to you and say, “Thank you so much for joining our community.” I hope that you’re going to find lots and lots and lots of support and encouragement and whip-smart tools to help you grow your meaningful business.

So I just want to take a couple of minutes just to explain what we mean by “meaningful business.” Because to have a meaningful business means that you want to do more with your work in the world than just make money. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against making money, I want as many people as possible to be creating thriving, sustainable businesses. Because I truly believe with economic power we get cultural power and by goodness, we need more woman, people of color, and people from marginalized groups to have some of that cultural power back and to be able to earn a great living doing great work in the world. It’s more than that, it’s about creating businesses that create change. Whether that be through healing work, through leadership development, through community development, through coaching, through the holistic arts, whether it be through consulting. The difference that makes a difference with a meaningful business is that that’s your primary driver is to make some kind of positive impact in the world.

It also means a lot of the traditional marketing and business advice doesn’t sit that well with us, because, I don’t know, it can kind of feel like it’s a badly fitting suit or an itchy sweater or something. It just feels uncomfortable and so what we do here is we find different ways for you to promote a market and build your business based on being a human in the world. Forgoing any sleazy marketing techniques and instead focusing on really ethical, sustainable and still effective ways of doing that. We focus on helping you to tap into your “why” to find the people who are hungry and in need of your service, to sort out your pricing so that you can be earning a great living from doing this work, and to set these little systems in place so that you can start attracting the right people without exhausting yourself all of the time, because a meaningful business has to be a sustainable business as well. It needs to be sustainable financially and yes, environmentally, but also energetically and emotionally for you.

So that’s the crux of what we do here. I want to give you a bit of unsolicited advice as we go forward, I know that is very un-coachy to do that, but see here’s the thing that makes all the difference in the world, between those people who sputter out and fail and give up on their dream and on their passion, because even though they love the work that they do and they love their practice, they love their modality, they love whatever profession, their practice is, they find it too difficult to make it a sustainable business. The difference between those people and the ones who can create that thriving, sustainable business is having a community. Having fellow travelers, having people in your corner who are also walking this path, who are also creating businesses that they also want to be out there, changing the world just a little bit with.

That’s my piece of advice for you, find your people. Find your fellow travelers and a great first place to find them is my Facebook group which is called The Coaches Collective. Now it’s not just for coaches, it’s not stuff just for coaches, we’ve expanded over the years and in there you’ll find holistic practitioners, and healers, and consultants, and freelancers of all stripes. But they are people who are walking this path, too. It is a no promo group. We have one post once a week where you can share your services, but other than that there is no spamming on the walls, there is no questions dressed up, promotions dressed up as questions, that type of thing. It is just a place for discussion, and support, and asking questions and getting answers, and sharing expertise, and sharing resources. So it’s a fantastic first place to start if you’re looking for your people.

Hop on over, it’s the Coaches Collective Facebook, so if you go to Facebook/groups/coachescollective you’ll find it there, but there’s a link just beneath this video. I genuinely am so happy that you’re here and I’ll speak to you soon.

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