Want more life coaching clients & referrals? - do this now!

So you want more life coaching clients? Here’s a strategy that’s so simple you’ve probably overlooked it – yet it can bring in amazing results by identifying clients right under your nose.

When coaches are starting out, they often think they need to spend countless hours drumming up interest in their services from strangers. But savvy marketers have been using a strategy called the ‘warm letter’ for years. Put simply, a Warm Letter is an email (yes, it used to be a real physical letter on paper before the invention of email) that you send out to people you already know.

But why would I do that????? I hear you ask?

Well, if you want more life coaching clients this is one of the best ways of getting them – fast.

I promise this is a great strategy and not nearly as scary as it might sound. I fact, I’m going to show you just how effective this can be with the help of my very good (yet sadly still imaginary) friend, Benedict Cumberbatch.

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The Benefits

The benefits of this strategy for getting more life coaching clients are multiple – is easy, simple, cost-effective and it works because:

  • You can do it even when you’re just starting out to spread the word about your business.
  • But you can also do it when you are years into your business – especially if you’ve never taken the time to let those who already know, like and trust you just what amazing work you’re doing.
  • You can do it for every new offer / service / product in your business, to update your network about changes in your business.
  • Through your letter/email you let your network know about what you do (I bet many of them don’t actually know what that is or how you can help them) and this can have long term benefits. Maybe it’s not right for them now – but in a few months or even years time they might be facing the very circumstances you help people with.
  • You get referrals – the beauty of this strategy is you’re not asking your uncle Fred to work with you directly (well, not unless uncle Fred is your ideal client) – you’re asking him to think about other people he may know who could be perfect for your services. This means you’re not just getting exposure with the people YOU know, but the people everyone else knows too – like some beautiful ripple out into the world.
  • You get new leads that you can follow up with, invite onto an intake session and  convert into paying clients.
  • It can produce instant results, but also has long term benefits and can send clients your way for years to come because people in your life now know what you do.


One of your friends just happens to be Benedict Cumberbatch and Ben’s at a swanky party talking to a fascinating guy about his life, when said guy mentions he’s struggling with THE EXACT challenge you help people with! Who does Ben immediately think of?

You of course!

Cue swoons of gratitude from party guy, The Cumberbatch is feeling like he’s been able to do something amazing and you with a potential new client.

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But if poor Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t know what it is you even do????

Sad faces for everyone.

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And because I want you to get loads of clients and we definitely don’t want a sad Sherlock on our hands, this is really something you need to try.

This is a win-win situation so don’t let embarrassment (will they think I’m being pushy?), shyness (I don’t want to bother people) or just plain busy-ness (I’ve got to watch the 17 webinars I’ve got on my To – Do life first before I can do that) get in your way.

The nuts and bolts to get you on your way to more life coaching clients

Step 1

Make a list of EVERYONE you know. Go through your contacts list. Don’t exclude anyone! No really. Ex colleagues, your hairdresser, people you know from the gym, your friends, relatives – everyone.

Put the thoughts on hold – you know, the one’s telling you this is pushy or cheesy. The bottom line is – these are people who know you and generally (hey you’re human, if you’re a full grown adult chances are you’ll have some people in your contacts who you don’t see eye to eye with or who don’t quite appreciate your magnificence – so you get a pass on contacting those people)

Step 2

Chunk that list down. Give yourself a target number to send each day/week.

Write a PERSONALISED email to each person on that list (see why we’re chunking it down?) You need to do this through your personal email account not through your newsletter provider (i.e. Mailchimp, Aweber etc.)

This key to this strategy is in it’s personalized approach. You want to each email include tailored touches for every single person. Mention events you were both at, a shared experience, ask about their kids (by name), how the new job’s going etc.

Then go onto explain why you’re contacting them (to tell that about your new business/venture/service) and to explain who you help and how you help them. Be specific about who you help and what the benefits of working with you are. Mention outcomes, even include a quote or micro case study from a client e.g. One client got a new job with a 30% pay rise/met the love of her life/landed a dream client etc.

Then tell them how much you’d appreciate them sharing your business/service with anyone in their network who they think would benefit from it. Include an easy way for people to get in touch with you such as including a link to your online scheduler where they can book a complimentary strategy call.

Thank them again.

Sign off.


Step 3

Create a list of everyone you contact along with space to record the responses you get. If you want to get really fancy, you can use a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) like Capsure or Insightly (both are free unless you have a whole team who needs to use it). This is useful so that you can follow up with thanks for referrals or keep track on who you’ve already contacted and what response you got back.

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The end result?

More life coaching clients for you and one very happy and excited Benedict Cumberbatch. What’s not to love?

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