Free Live Workshop

How to be more visible in your business

(without feeling like you’re gonna throw up!)

Friday August 14th| 17:00 BST








You know your business needs you to show up and be seen – but doing so on a consistent basis feels frustratingly difficult – despite your good intentions it’s just not happening.

I’m going to show you how you can be more visible in a way that actually feels good – because if it doesn’t feel good, feel aligned, feel comfortable, you’re going to be fighting against yourself and continuing to have lots of resistance.

So forget brash and shiny. Forget documenting your dinner. Instead think showing up authentically, creating deep connections and leveraging quiet power.

If you’ve ever struggled to market your business consistently, put your offers out regularly, build an audience and do the things you know are going to bring in the clients, this is for you.

What You’ll Learn

Why being visible is essential to your business success and yet feels so icky for so many of us.


How you can take a whole load of the pressure off yourself and lean into what you’re already good at


The overlooked behind the scenes activities you’re probably not doing that will make this whole shebang so much easier than you ever thought

(and no, it’s not having a VA, content calendar or spending money on ads)

The 3 most common mistakes people make when it comes to being more visible

(oh the sweet relief when you realise you don’t need to do x,y &z)

Why you are making those mistakes. A little hint: you are not alone and it is NOT your fault!


How you can build your profile and connect with more people in just a few minutes a day

Expect strong opinions, laughter and actionable techniques you can use from day one.

About Your Host

Jo Casey helps coaches and healers get more clients without sacrificing soul or sanity. She is a certified coach, speaker, trainer and host of The Business Not As Usual Podcast.  In addition to being British, Jo is slightly nerdy and determined to help women overcome our feminine conditioning so we can step out, be seen, and thrive.

Jo specialises in helping service-based business owners do the self-development work needed to flourish in the online world, get more clients and build meaningful businesses – all without resorting to the dark arts or sleazy marketing tactics. She believes that we need a new way of doing business – one that allows us to create companies that are sustainable financially, emotionally and energetically

Jo Casey
I’ve just done my accounts and this month alone I earned 15x what I earned the month we started working together.
Eli Trier

Community Builder, Eli Trier Communities

Jo Casey is the Shiz-Bomb, in case anyone else wanted to know ? Super Smart!
Kate Swoboda

Life Coach, Author & Director of The Courageous Living Coach Certification, Your Courageous Life


I can't make it live - will there be a replay?
Yes – everyone who registers will be sent the replay within a few hours of the live event so you can watch at a time that’s convenient for you. 
I'm not a coach - will this work for me?
No matter what sort of business you have,  allowing customers to get to know the person behind the brand is an incredibly powerful way to build a loyal customer base. So if you have a business and you want to be more visible in your marketing and promotion
Is this going to be one of those 10 minutes of content and 50 minutes of hard sell webinars?
Absolutely not! I hate those as much as the next person so while I WILL be telling you how you can deepen your journey with me in my next course, My aim is to have 80% of the content be useful even if you never choose to work with me on a paid basis. 

Our time is precious, so I promise this will contain lots of useful, actionable content. 
Scout’s honour!

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