Say Goodbye to The

‘Hustle Hard, Throw Spaghetti At The Wall & Hope some of it sticks’ Approach To Your Business

Free Class: How To Create An Unstoppable Business

In this class, I’m going to show you the 5-part framework for a profitable, authentic business.

Unstoppable is a funny word. Often used alongside images or iron-muscled soldiers in video games or Arnie in The Terminator – there’s an imperviousness to it, a ‘Grrr!’ and gritted teeth.

We’re not talking about that form of unstoppable here because…it sounds exhausting.

Instead, I’m sharing a way of incorporating deep-rooted resilience into your business. Combining core foundational practices and strategies that make it really really hard for you to fail.

Easeful marketing. No more doing #allthethings. Clarity and aligned action.

Wickedly effective marketing strategies that work WITH your personality (and don’t require you to become one of those shiny, identikit online marketing people you see online.)

Not brittle ‘push through’ energy. More like aligned and flowing action.


Practical meets magical

Authentic to the core

Resilient & profitable

Sovereign, ethical and easeful

What you’ll learn: 

– The no 1 mistake that many service-based business owners make that’s keeping them overworked, overwhelmed and without clients.

– The simple five-part framework for and authentic business with consistent clients (and therefore income).

– The core components YOU ALREADY HAVE to create an uncopyable business and brand. 

When: Saturday 20th October 8 PM UK Time (noon Pacific, 3 PM Eastern) 

Cost: Free  

There will be a replay available for this class for 48 hours after broadcast. Just sign up and you’ll be sending the replay link after the class.

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