A live 5-week mastermind experience to help you gently be more visible in your business on your own terms.
Your unapologetic visibility from the inside out


Your business needs you to show up, take up space, and be seen.

So why is it so damn hard to actually do it?

You’ve got the business and you know you need to promote yourself and your services. But every time you go to do it, it feels so … heavy.

You do a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work – like perfecting your website and making new images in Canva. It feels like you’re busy so that must count for something, right?
You know you should be posting on social media and sending out emails regularly but you’re never sure what to say. When you do post they don’t get much response anyway (so it’s no wonder you can’t bring yourself to do it consistently.)

And it’s the same with your offers – it feels so pushy and salesy and just urgh!  You promote your services once or twice and then want to hide. You don’t want to bother people or add to the pointless noise of the internet. It feels exhausting and icky. You don’t want to be one of those obnoxious salespeople. 

And underneath it all you worry that people will judge you. You’re not thin/young/shiny/accomplished enough. You’re not shiny and perky, you don’t have all the answers. What if you’re found out, called out, criticised?

You’re frustrated and confused with yourself. You want your business to work. You know for that to happen you have to actually show up, be visible and be seen.

You’ve taken courses on strategy and know what you should be doing – but you’re not doing it and you don’t know why. The clients aren’t coming and you know it’s connected to how (in)visibile you’re being, how seldom you’re marketing and how toned down your message is.

You’d love to find a way to show up more, without adding the noise but to have real conversations and meaningful connections with people.

There has to be a way to show up more in your business without all the angst. To even ENJOY marketing and talking about your work in a way that doesn’t make you cringe. For promoting your work felt like an extension of you – authentic, thoughtful and love-filled instead of some shallow, noisy, necessary evil.

But What if It Could Feel Honest, Easy & Enjoyable?


  • Showing up fully, authentically and easily in your business. 
  • Being unafraid to share your opinion, your face and your brilliance.
  • Feeling good in your skin, raising your voice, taking up space
  • Making connections, sales and money in a way that feels aligned and totally you. 
  • Having a business that feels great, authentic and meaningful – and watching your business take off BECAUSE of that, rather than in spite of it. 

It’s 100% possible for you to love being visible in your business – And for it to feel like fun. 

That way you get to have a business that is filled with gorgeous clients, that makes you all the money you need, AND doesn’t require you to compromise one bit of your integrity.



Your unapologetic visibility from the inside out

Starts November 9th

I’ve just done my accounts and this month alone I earned 15x what I earned the month we started working together.
Eli Trier

Community Builder, Eli Trier Communities

In these times of huge uncertainty, not showing up in your business isn’t an option. We need you to show up MORE. People need your work more than ever.

AND you can do it in a way that feels authentic and true to you (In fact, that’s the only real way to do it)

Truth: You don’t have to be someone else to be successful Being more visible isn’t simply a case of ‘pushing through’ and ‘just doing it’ (which in actual fact will have the reverse effect.)

You don’t need to have a whole team behind you, spend lots of money on ads, hair and makeup, or a new website (seriously, step away from the website!) 

You can build your business your way – and you don’t have to pretend to be anything other than yourself to do it. The entrepreneurial space is still filled to the rafters with shiny, ‘hustle culture for the win!’ guys and gals and it can feel like there is no room for the rest of us. 
But your potential customers are also looking at that sea of faces and thinking ‘I can’t relate to those people so how can they help me?’

They’re waiting to see YOU. AND if you show up and be seen it creates a space for others too. You’re very visibility – in all of your authentic wholeness, becomes a model of possibility for others.

Jo, working with you changed EVERYTHING. You took me from sitting in my beautiful home office with no clients to having a real business.
Julie Abel

Life Coach, Julie Abel Coaching

Hi, I’m Jo and I have a business that 100% allows me to show up authentically as me and make me money consistently and easfully.

And the truth is that for the first THREE YEARS of my business, I struggled. I went to bed most nights worrying about where the next client would come from. I regularly worked 65+ hours in my business but on things that weren’t helping – I was hiding out behind my computer screen instead of actually showing up and being seen by potential clients.

I knew I was good at what I did. I had years of training behind me and over 2 decades working in organisations. I knew how to do ‘the job’ of coaching – but promoting myself and my offers made me want to hide. I struggled to build a loyal following because I would show up in bursts – and then disappear from public view for weeks at a time! And I was exhausted. Pretending to be the person I thought I needed to be to be ‘successful’.

All of that changed in the spring of 2017.

I redesigned my website (again) but this time I said exactly what I was on my mind. I decided that if I wasn’t making money pretending to be someone I wasn’t, I had nothing to lose by showing up as me. I honestly thought I was burning down my business.

Instead, within a month of launching that new site, posting my honest views on social media and showing up as myself consistently, I sold out my first group coaching program and made more money in one month than I had in the previous year.

Understanding that instead of hiding who I was, showing up fully as myself – messy, authentic and unshiny, was the key to truly connecting with my audience. It wasn’t always easy – there were a LOT of feelings that came up (and still do) but I finally understood WHY this had been a struggle for so long and had tools to make sure they didn’t derail me again.

It was using those tools and creating a supportive, nurturing system for myself that made all the difference. And it’s those same tools that I’m sharing in this program. 

What’s Involved? 

5 x Interactive Workshops

We’ll dive into why being visible is so important yet feels so uncomfortable for so many of us AND show you ways you can make it become so much easier than you may be imagining. 

You’ll be able to interact with me and ask questions as you grow and develop over the course of the program so that you’re never left ‘frozen’ and unable to take that action you need.
Each session will take place at 7PM UK Time (2PM Eastern, 11AM Pacific) and will be recorded if you cannot make it live. 

5 x Live Group Coaching Sessions

This work requires a safe, supportive community and in these calls, we’ll take a personalised approach so that you can move beyond fear and discomfort and take real steps towards showing up in a way that works for you.

You’ll get to interact with fellow participants, learn from one another and get tailored support as you stretch your comfort zone and become more confident every day.  

Each session will take place at 7PM UK Time (2PM Eastern, 11AM Pacific) and will be recorded if you cannot make it live. 


5 x workbooks

You’ll receive journaling prompts, exploratory exercises and additional resources deepen your journey and understanding of yourself and your magic. 

3 Exclusive Hypnosis Audios

Hypnosis has given me and many of my clients a powerful way of bypassing the noisy, thinking brain and getting right to the heart of the matter in a way that is powerful and transformative. 

This program will include 3 exclusively designed and recorded hypnosis sessions: To help you own your magic, create a feeling a resounding safety and security and tap into your innate intuitive connection with your ideal clients. 

Jo’s combination of straight forward business knowledge and loving support has helped me show up in my business in a big way.  Jo has been a trusted adviser for each step of the way.  Jo is definitely not your usual business coach – but in a good way!
Lara Heacock

Leadership Coach, Lara Heacock.com

Jo Casey is the Shiz-Bomb, in case anyone else wanted to know ? Super Smart!


Kate Swoboda

Life Coach, Author & Director of The Courageous Living Coach Certification, , Your Courageous Life

What We’ll Cover:

Week 1 – Feminine Conditioning & Why Being A Visible Woman Is A Radical Act

Feminine Conditioning is the term I use to describe the (often) unspoken rules for being a ‘good’ woman. Understanding our feminine conditioning and how it shows up is the key to unravelling the invisible net many of us are caught in.  Once you understand the what and the HOW you’re going to understand WHY being visible has felt difficult until now.

We’ll dive into how Feminine Conditioning shows up for you so that you can free yourself from its grip and show up with ease. We’ll also look at the power of showing up in all of your humanity – so that you can feel confident and empowered to be visible and consistent in your business.

Week 2 – Working With Our Beliefs

Once we understand the role Feminine Conditioning plays in our willingness to be visible, it’s time to get underneath the cognitive aspects of visibility and rewriting those unhelpful ideas to new, supportive ones that lead to confidence and ease. Once you understand this process, belief change stops being a game of whack-a-mole and becomes a repeatable process so that you always have the tools to have to re-write the unhelpful stories you’re telling yourself.

We’ll examine common beliefs like not being ready, feeling like an imposter and fear of criticism and lovingly work to dissolve them and help you step into a feeling of deep and lasting confidence. 
You’ll be able to explore your own particular experience of Feminine Conditioning and what start to unravel these messages and discern your own rules of engagement as a womxn. 

Week 3 – Working With Our Bodies

Mind and body are one system and working with our mindset alone simply isn’t enough – we need to understand and nurture the nervous system and how we can create a sense of calm and safety in order to allow new beliefs turn into actions. 

We’ll use nervous system reset tools along specially designed subconscious healing work so that you can prevent your system going into freeze mode when thinking about being visible and instead develop a trusting, supportive relationship between body and mind. This is the seat of longterm sustainable visibility and once you understand the processes involved, you’ll never look back. 

Week 4 – Releasing Your Voice

We’ll look at how you develop your own voice and trust in your opinions, so that you no longer second guess yourself and stay stuck in analysis paralysis and procrastination.

We’ll develop a roadmap of how you will build your visibility muscle, find ways of marketing and promotion that are powerful and supportive to you and your needs – as well as those of your audience.

You’ll learn how to stop visibility overthinking in its tracks, show up more regularly and get more impact every time you do. 

This is how you start to build resonance into your marketing and see clients being to magnetize to you.

Week 5 – Authentic Visibility For Life

I’ll show you how to build out your own plan and take consistent, joyful action without burnout or drama. 

You’ll be able to show up in your full power, in a way that feels nourishing and in integrity.

We’ll create your own toolbox of easy, practical and importantly actionable steps to get visible, without having ever change who you are. 

This is the secret to consistent, rinse and repeat results over time and frees you from ever needing another guru or mindset course ever. 

Working with Jo might just be the smartest thing I’ve done for my business. I have recommended working with Jo to countless people because I honestly feel that they can get such great benefits from this work!

Jen Pavich

Feminist Life Coach and Podcaster, Jen Pavich

This is NOT a ‘just do it’ program with a lot of strategy and cheerleading.


This will get underneath the real problem you have with being more visible in your business and resolve them – for good.

It’s will help you step into your authentic, powerful self as a business owner in a way that ideal clients will resonate with.
and help you to create ways to be consistently visible in your business, your marketing and your sales without feeling like you have to be someone you’re not.
What I know for sure is that your audience is looking to you to show up and let them see you. They need to know you can help them. You are too good, have worked too hard to be the best-kept secret in your own business.

If you’re ready to step it up and say ‘no more hiding’, this is for you.


Imagine you could feel as good about being visible in your business as you do about your work itself. That connecting with potential new clients was flowing and enjoyable.


That’s the power of this course.


If you’re ready to build your audience, attract more clients and earn more money – without having to pretend to be anyone other then your authentic self, there’s never been a better time to start.

Wait! Did Someone Say Bonuses?

The first 3 people who join will get a 60 minute 1 on 1 session with me worth £450


The next 3 people who join will get access to my course ‘How to Attract Clients With Podcasts Course’ worth £150



I can't make all the calls live - will they be recorded?

Yes, all calls That way, even if you can’t make a call ‘live’, you can post things in the Facebook group, I’ll answer them on the call, and you can listen back later.

Is this program suitable if a more established business?

Yes. The beauty of this program is it will meet you where you are at – if you would like to be more visible in your business with more ease, this is for you. 

Is this program suitable if I'm just starting out?

Yes. The beauty of this program is it will meet you where you are at – and starting from a confident foundation will save you years (3 in my own case!) of angst and get you off to a great start. If you would like to be more visible in your business with more ease, this is for you. 

I've done my fair share of training programs promising to grow my business - what makes this one different?

This program is purposefully different from many other visibility programs out there. Firstly, community support is baked into the structure. 

My approach is always to acknowledge that business growth is personal growth – so that rather than deny and try and ‘push through’ fear and resistance, we unpack, work with and overcome it. You get to practice growing your comfort zone in the safe and supportive space of the group.

How is the program delivered?

Our calls and workshops delivered via Zoom. On Monday’s there is a workshop call with accompanying workbook. On Thursday there is a group coaching call where we get to go deeper into anything that’s come up for you and your colleagues in the program, I can answer questions and we can give personal support for all who need. it.
Day to day interaction happens within the private Facebook group.

Is the program women only? Are men, femmes and non binary folk welcome?

The short answer is, yes – if you’re the right fit and are open to being part of a group ready to listen, support and engage with one another then you’re more than welcome. If you’re unsure if it’s a fit for you, book a time to chat with me.

Still, have questions?

Contact me and we’ll have a chat

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