18 truths of a meaningful business

Having a meaningful business is different from traditional businesses. The people who own them are different (not better, not worse – just different)

It’s a question I ponder a lot as I’ve been putting together The Meaningful Business Academy – how to create a space that is supportive, massively useful and geared to business owners who aren’t driven primarily by the bottom line but by making a difference in the world. Folks who have a calling and a gift, a desire to heal, create change and tip the scales of this world further towards kindness and justice.

And as I was pondering I wrote some ‘truths’ as I see them about what it means to be a meaningful business owner. Some things that I need to be reminded of and maybe you do too.

Think of them as part rallying cry, part affirmation.

18 Meaningful Business Truths:


    1. We build businesses with meaning, heart, and soul.
    1. It’s not easy but it’s so worth it
    1. We do hard and valuable things
    1. It’s ok not to feel shiny and positive all the time
    1. You don’t have to be perfect, skinny, or have it all figured out to be a great coach or healer.
    1. You don’t have to be anyone other than yourself to be welcome here.
    1. You don’t want to follow the traditional path – oh hell, maybe you would if you could but it’s just not in you.
    1. If it were as easy as the guru’s say you’d have done it by now
    1. Every time you put something out your risk being judged. You risk failing. You risk losing face. That’s fucking badass – don’t minimize your efforts.
    1. Feeling things deeply is a superpower that can feel like a curse at times.
    1. Empathy is not to be messed with
    1. It’s lonely out there. Take some friends with you.
    1. We believe in change, empathy, and healing in equal power relationships and the medicine of healthy communities.
    1. You were born to do this.
    1. Your depth will frighten some people. Not us
    1. You don’t have to be happy all the time to be here.
    1. Restorative laughter is encouraged. So are tears.
    1. If you didn’t care so much it might be easier but it wouldn’t be as magnificent.
    1. I go through them in a bit more detail in this week’s podcast episode – which you can listen to below.

And if you’re craving a community of like-minded meaningful business owners (think coaches, healers, consultants, counselors, body workers, energy workers and holistic folks) then check out The Meaningful Business Academy. You’ll find community, coaching, training, support, templates for things like contracts, confidentiality agreements and the like, along with expert interviews, guided meditations to build your resilience and masterclasses. All for one low monthly price.

Building a meaningful business IS different.  And that’s ok. It’s still perfectly, perfectly possible to grow your business in a way that feels really good, DOES good and is still profitable.


Listen to the Podcast episode below:

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