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Theresa Fowler goes by the name of The Thought Shifter – because that’s exactly what she’s in the business of – helping women to put themselves first so they can fully heal and reconnect to their joy. 

In this conversation, Theresa shares her own journey into personal development and spirituality, which began almost 10 years ago at the age of 43 — at the time she was a 60-a-day smoker, heavy binge drinker and an obese type 2 diabetic. Now after years of course work, self study and research, she has made it her life purpose to support others in putting themselves first so that they open their hearts to self love and reconnect with their joy.


About Theresa (In her own words) :
I’m Theresa Fowler also known as The Thought Shifter, because I have a magical way of supporting likeminded humans like yourself in shifting their thoughts so that they serve themselves first before others, reopen their hearts to self love and reconnect to their joy.

However, I’ve not always been aware of this gift.

Until my early 40s, I was an obese, clinically depressed and chronically sick woman who drank copious amounts of alcohol and used recreational drugs in order to fill a deep cavern of pain I felt in every fibre of my being. It took an acrimonious divorce and the death of my father to wake me up to the fact that I was only existing and not living.

But even after losing 100lbs and learning to live a healthier lifestyle, just five years ago I ended up couchsurfing on friends’ sofas after the breakup of yet another long-term relationship and was also dealing with a health issue that caused severe pain and paralysis in my left arm. I found myself approaching my 50th birthday homeless, in debt from trying to build a weight loss business on my own and feeling a complete failure. Even though I had just self-published my first book, I was in pain, exhausted and feeling as if I had reached rock bottom for the first time in my life.

A decision to listen to a voice I now know was my higher self led to a breakthrough that changed my entire life. Through that decision I began to meditate, which led to me studying how our subconscious minds are running the show — mostly without our awareness and to our own detriment. That awareness then led to my understanding of how we have the power to change our subconscious minds to serve us instead.

After the gift of working with an amazing mentor in 2017, I came to realise just how powerful my gift of helping others break through their limiting beliefs and behaviours really was. And because of that, I now know that the key to greater happiness, love and freedom in life is the shifting of your thoughts from your head moving to the feeling in your heart, which is the focus of my work with my clients.

Besides being a self love and joy mentor, I am an energy worker (reflexology, reiki Seichem and EFT/emotional freedom technique), author and international transformational speaker.

I offer both in-person and online mentoring (one-to-one and small groups), as well as run retreats in Spain (Alicante and Ibiza/future dates September and November 2017 respectively — CLICK HERE for more details) and Bali, Indonesia (early 2018 TBC).

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