The Resilient Business Owner

Aka: how to keep your sh*t together and help yourself, your clients and your business flourish (even in a pandemic)

Just because we’re in a global pandemic doesn’t mean your business stops.
But it probably means you’ve found yourself with WAY less focus & energy.


Your world hasn’t stopped.
You still need to deliver your programs, show up for your clients, market your business so that you can still HAVE a business. But productivity, sleep and optimism are in short supply a lot of the time.

Some days are great but on others, it feels super weird, scary and uncertain.

You’re definitely not alone. A recent study suggested that 45% of folks reported feeling more stressed during this time of pandemic. Add to that the uncertainty of when it will end and the particular challenges faced by entrepreneurs and small business owners (did someone say impending recession?) and it’s no wonder calm seems to be an elusive factor in your life right now.


Which is why we need Resilience more than ever.


Resilience is the ability to cope well with pressure, to keep going even when things get tough, and to learn from setbacks.
Resilience isn’t something you’re born with, but it IS a set of skills you can learn and strengthen. With the right tools, techniques and mindset you can learn to thrive under pressure.

Which seems especially useful right now, no?

While it’s natural to be affected by stressful times, there is a way you can dramatically increase your ability to handle them.
Imagine being able to rapidly reduce your stress levels, increase your energy and ramp up your ability to stay focused and present – with just a few minutes practice per day.


The Resilient Business Owner

A self-paced program that will give you the skills, tools and practices to help you thrive – even in difficult times.

What makes this course different from other ‘self care’, self-love’ ‘stress management’ type courses?

This is specifically written and produced for business owners and will teach you scientifically backed, practical ways you can increase your overall resilience AND feel calm, focused and productive in both the short and long term.

I’ll share with you:

  • In the moment tools you can use to quickly feel calmer, more balanced and be more effective (great for those times when things feel like they’re spinning out of control.
  • Longer term strategies for building up your resilience reserves so that you have resources to draw on when things feel especially tough
  • Practical tools you can share with others to help with their resilience too.


By the end of the course you’ll know how to:

  • Be more focussed and get more or the right things done
  • Get rid of that ‘fuzzy brain’ feeling
  • Improve your sleep & increase your energy
  • Feel grounded and more balanced (no more spinning into panic over at unexpected hiccups or things not going right first time.)
  • Stop your whirring brain
  • Protect your wellbeing
  • Increase your joy, calm and happiness
  • Be equipped with the skills to apply what you’ve learned whenever you need them
  • Have a toolbox filled with techniques and exercises to not only help you increase your resilience, but your clients too.

All without the need for a foreign holiday, spa trip or bar of chocolate (although chocolate never hurts!) 

We’ve never faced a time like this. No business is immune to the challenges facing the world right now.

We need resilience like never before – not just so that we can ‘bounce back’ when all this is over, but so that we can ‘bounce forwards’ and create something better, stronger and more sustainable in the long run.

Get Instant Access To More Calm, Focus & Resilience for £100

Here is everything you get: 

Over 5 hours of video content

Divided into 5 self-paced modules (So you can at your own pace and at a time that suits you.)
Can be watched on both web & mobile devices.

5 guided meditations and hypnosis sessions including:

  • Creating calm
  • Creating more confidence
  • 1-minute grounding technique,
  • 3-minute calming technique 
  • Make insomnia a thing of the past

5 Workbooks

Each filled with practices and exercises to help you cement your learning.  Includes tools and worksheets you can use again and again – not only for yourself but with your clients.

Course Curriculum (AKA what’s inside)

Module 1: What Even IS Resilience?

  • What the heck is Resilience & Why do we need it?
  • A 4 part model of resilience
  • The scientific underpinnings of resilience
  • Learned optimism, positive psychology and the practical focus of ‘bouncing forwards’
  • The need for long term practice – and in the moment tools
  • Guided hypnosis for immediate calm
  • Assessing your baseline level of Resilience

Module 3: Cultivating Confidence & Self Belief

  • Understanding your Onlyness
  • Skills, Values & Beliefs
  • Collecting evidence of your brilliance
  • Why we worry – and what we can do about it
  • How to combat your brain’s inbuilt negativity bias
  • Calm, confidence guided meditation. 

Module 5: Finding Purpose & Perspective

  • The importance of purpose
  • Finding perspective when things are tough
  • How your values connect to your actions
  • Alignment and integrity
  • Creating ease and flow

Module 2: Cultivating Calm?

  • How stress impacts us both short and long term
  • Allostatic load AKA your bathtub 
  • Nervous system calming and regulation
  • Cognitive reframing
  • 1 Minute Calming Technique
  • 3-minute grounding technique 
  • Insomnia ease
  • Anchoring calm technique

Module 4: Cultivating Connection

  • The importance of healthy connection for resilience
  • How to bolster existing connections – especially in a pandemic
  • How to cultivate new connections
  • Creating community
  • Cultivating connections in business (aka online networking like a human) 

Get Instant Access To More Calm, Focus & Resilience for £100

Thinking this looks good but might be a bit self-indulgent to focus on yourself right now? 

Here’s the truth:

You deserve to thrive. You. Not so that you can help other people but because you are a valuable human in your own right.

AND this will also help you to help more people.

The tools in this course will not only help you to stay focused, have more energy and be able to have more to give to others, but it’s filled with practical tools and exercise you can use with your clients to help them with their resilience too. 

Jo in blue jacket against wall of plants

The Resilient Business Owner is perfect for you if you know you’re in this for the long haul, you’re ready for some deeper understanding of how to thrive, be nimble and pivot when needed – no matter what’s thrown at you.

Still got questions? No problem

Is this another mindfulness course?

No. While mindfulness can certainly contribute to a more resilient state,  it’s only one tiny element of what I teach in the course.

Is resilience another way of saying 'tough it out and push through?

No. While we’ve all likely been in situations that have been trying and we’ve managed to ‘push through’ this isn’t a healthy long term strategy. Resilience is much more about building up our ability to be flexible, responsive and balanced. Research shows that resilience is based on skills and practices that help us to not only step up the plate when things are tough but improve our overall wellbeing long term. There’s a softness and flexibility to resilience that ‘pushing through’ doesn’t have. 

How is this different from other resilience courses out there?

This course is researched backed and specifically designed with business owners in mind.  The focus is on practical, workable solutions to make your life as a business owner SO MUCH EASIER. 

Can I watch the course on my phone/tablet/laptop?

Yes. The course is designed to be viewed on all types of devices.

Get Instant Access To More Calm, Focus & Resilience for £100

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