Aren’t you tired of it?

The shiny, shouty messages on how to build a business? The relentless noise, the ads, the tripwires and faux authenticity? Not to mention the white washed, guru centred, bro marketing culture that says, work 16 hour days, hustle hard and project endless success 24/7.

We’re told to work longer hours, hustle harder, follow blueprints, ‘crush it’ and ‘reach six figures’ at all costs (because that’s the only definition of success offered.)

But what if that’s leaving us exhausted, burnt out, disillusioned and lonely?

Many of us are so turned off by it all that, either through deliberate action or necessity, we’ve forged our own paths away from the relentless hustle and grind model.


We deserve businesses that sustain and nourish us – not just provide for us financially in exchange for 60 hour work weeks

We need businesses that feel great and allow us to share our gifts and message with the world. That change conversations

That create possibilities.

AND we need tools, support, and fellow travellers because all of this involves creating new ways of doing things, new ways of caring for ourselves and those around us.


We’re pioneers you and me.

We get to create the new model. We get to say how we’re going to do this.

Which is exciting, liberating and a tiny bit terrifying.

But I know we’re up to the job.

I know there are lots of us who have found alternative, sustainable ways to grow and build our businesses in ways that allow us to nourish and tend to ourselves without feeling like we’re feeding this huge, hungry machine.

I want to amplify our voices and shine a light on the myriad of creative, nourishing, sustainable, quirky, messy beautiful ways people have found to grow their businesses their way.

So The Messy Meaningful Business Project was born.

How this will work:

Step 1: Sign up here and confirm your email address.

Step 2: Each day for 30 days in April you will get an email from me featuring an amazing, creative, meaningful business owner sharing their story or an element from their own business journey that illustrates how they navigated this path.

These stories are beacons of hope, idea sparkers, missives from the path, a navigational compass. 

They will be a mixture of written, audio and video pieces, with each person sharing their unique and inspirational journey towards their own meaningful business – no matter how messy.

Step 3: We’ll meet in a private Facebook group – this is where the real magic will happen. Think of it like a secret clubhouse where we’ll meet our fellow travellers and unpack what it means to have a successful, meaningful business – even when it doesn’t look neat or shiny or perfect. You’ll have chance to ask questions, share experiences and even attend zoom round table discussions with me and some of the contributors.

This is a total TWO WAY project – no gurus, just fellow travellers shaping the future.



This is for the ones who are seeking solace from a business world built in the mould of aggressive capitalism.

This is for the ones who are ready to explore new ways of defining business and ways of working.

This is for the coaches and the healers, the writers and the artists, the dreamers, and the creatives.

This is for the ones who already know that the old, ‘traditional’ ways of work and business are not for them

…and who are ready to join the movement of those pioneering new ways of doing business, meaningfully.

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