Your message is your gift to the world.

It’s your calling card,your beacon of hope and, your legacy.

Claim your Clear + True Marketing Message

Clear to your clients. Bone deep true to you
Because when you have that, you're going to feel more emboldened, more self-sufficient and free of the uncertainty that keeps you playing small.

Building your business without a clear and true message is really, really hard (meaning = practically impossible).

It’s like having a cute little store on the high street that has a sign outside saying ‘nice things inside’. But most of the people who pass by (save one or two who step in out of curiosity) just carry on walking. They’re looking for a new dress, or some nails, something they can cook for dinner or any number of other very specific things. 

So you end up standing outside your store yelling at passers-by (like those poor guys who hold up the arrow signs while having to wear a chicken suit) attempting to lure people in by sheer force of jumping up and down while looking ridiculous. 

The online version feels just as exhausting and humiliating. You resort to shouting out offers in Facebook Groups (to the sound of crickets or the occasional ‘like’ from your mum’s friend), and spending endless hours making images in Canva to try and catch people’s eye. 

AND at the same time, you don’t want to be part of that incessant noise. You want to stand out but you don’t want to be making noise just for the sake of making noise.

And there’s the dilemma.

That makes you feel awful – inauthentic and hollow, like a circus monkey. It doesn’t feel natural to you so naturally, you don’t do it.

But you also want to build your business. You want clients and you prefer eating to being stuck in the poor house.

So How Do We Square This Circle?

There are two issues here (they’re the flipside of the same coin):

There’s no doubt there are some crappy marketing techniques out there. Sleazy, manipulative stuff that leaves you feeling gross.


That’s maybe 40% of the problem (and I can help you solve that by showing you some ethical, love filled, authentic ways to market yourself).

But the other 60% is that you haven’t clearly defined what your message is for your business.

So no wonder you’re uncomfortable marketing yourself.


No wonder whenever someone asks you what you do you want to crawl into a hole. No wonder you stare at the screen and wonder what to write about.

You don’t have to hate marketing.

Just hate the shitty marketing. 


Working with Jo is like getting a supercharged clarity fix and she does it with a lot of laughter and fun, as well as with an acute razor sharp depth at the same time.

Dr Melissa Wright

Life Coach, Leaders Of The Heart

Your Message Is The Key To It All

Once you have your Clear and True Marketing Message it’s truly remarkable what happens. When you show up and tell people what you stand for you grow in stature, confidence and integrity. It radiates off you.

Your Clear and True Marketing Message = one that feels authentic to you AND makes it clear to your clients how you can rock their world.



Once you have your Clear and True Marketing Message MORE people have the opportunity to get excited about what it is that you do.

This is central:

You don’t have to make noise – You just have to speak truth.

It doesn’t require manipulation.

It requires articulation.

You’ll no longer be struggling to explain what you do. You’ll have the words to explain and speak right to the heart of it. 


When you know what your big, bold, brazen message is… you can start changing the world.

You get to reject the manipulative, sleazy marketing techniques in favor of truthful. authentic, human marketing.
You get to create something that matters.



What difference does this make to your business?

All the difference in the world.

That’s why I created The M Word – a half day intensive to give you the depth, clarity, and strategy to get your message out into the world.

By the end of it, you’ll be clearer about your marketing message than you ever thought possible.

You’ll walk away with clarity like you’ve never had before.

Clarity means you have the confidence to go out and share your vision.
You can explain exactly who you help and what you help them with.

You stand out in a very crowded marketplace. You become un-copyable – no one will have the same message as you or express it in the same unique way that you do. 

You can market from a place of integrity and ethics – meaning you don’t need to engage in shady tactics that leave you feeling like you need a Silkwood shower afterward. You get to show up as you.

You have the satisfaction of knowing you’re forging your own path, serving clients who are hungry for what you have. 



  • Clients you don’t have to convince because you’ll stand out like a beacon to your right people.
  • You’ll be able to easily and comfortably explain what you do (put end to feeling tongue-tied at networking meetings – thank the Lord!)
  • You’ll have the language you need to lay your vision out for all to see.
  • More clients, more income, more impact.
  • Less hustle. More Ease.
  • More aligned marketing.
  • No more acting on a wing and a prayer – focused, imperfect action to get you results.

What People Are Saying…

I now have a clearer direction of what to focus on. I feel confident and excited about a niche/program idea I have; I no longer feel like I need to be doing it all…
I loved that you provided suggestions when I needed them and that you were able to wear two hats — coach and consultant.

Alisha Morgan

Life Coach, Reverie Realized

“Jo is the real deal. If you need some direction, clarity on your next steps, taking your business to a deeper level or understanding yourself as it relates to your business, contact her. I’ve gained so much in just one session. She will unveil the hidden gems you’re searching for. An extra bonus, she’s amazingly fun to work with”

April Julson

Life Coach & Yoga Teacher, Teresa Neuhaus

Had my coaching session with Jo Casey this morning. Wow, she is excellent, fun, and really effective. Wow, wow, and wow!

Joe Bernstein

Life and Health Coach, Drop The Armor

Ready to make this happen?

How This Works

Once you sign up you’ll be sent my powerful pre-session questions so you can start the process of diving deep and uncovering the gems and raw material we’ll use for our session, right away. We’ll ‘meet’ via Skype for 2.5 hours. This session is deep, supportive and strategic with the sole aim of getting you some much-needed clarity around that all-important message, and a plan to attract more of your perfect clients.

I’ll help you craft the language for your marketing so that it conveys your message and your values – in all its depth and impact. We’ll even write some of the copy for your key website pages – homepage, services and About page.

You’ll receive a recording of our call (so you can go back to it, again and again, to make sure you get ALL the wisdom out of it), and have the chance to email me to review any changes you make to your copy and website for additional feedback and suggestions within 7 days of us working together.

Investment = £400 (approx* $520 USD/€448 Euros)

*obviously these amount change daily so check the current exchange rate for an up to date figure

Ready to make this happen?

I feel fabulous – you “got” me and supported me from minute one. You were so easy to talk with. I loved your ideas and how you supported me. My mind is at ease and ready to really go full force into my coaching – I have a plan and am ready to rock the next year.

Lisa Panos

Life & Relationship Coach, Lisa Panos


Jo Casey is the real deal. She knows things.


Kelly Diels

Feminist Marketing Coach, Kelly Diels