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Like a gorgeous tea room filled with comfy sofas, a really cool bookshelf and the best array of beverages. Think of this group as your co-working space and creative salon.

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I’m not going to lie – running your own biz can be lonely. But you don’t have to do it alone.

In fact, there’s no quicker way to kill your business and dampen your lifeforce than to struggle all on your lonesome.

The thing I’ve learned is that we all need people around us who ‘get it’ – and let’s face it, most of your family and friends really don’t.

Enter the Coaches and Healers Collective – a free Facebook group for coaches, healers and holistic folk who are interested in building ethical businesses that help us all to rise – without leaning into the dysfunctional messages that proliferate the online marketing industry. You know; the manipulative marketing techniques – ‘push the pain points’, ‘hustle ’till it hurts,  and ‘winner takes all’ thinking to name a few.

This is a group for advice, support, opinions, and collaborations. It’s where we attempt to change the conversation around coaching and healing; to acknowledge that we’re not robots working in isolation but living, breathing humans with, skills, histories, and emotions.

Think of this group as your co-working space and creative salon.

Whether you have a business already or are just in the early stages of figuring it all out, this community is a place to ask questions, share ideas, get help, collaborate, and just generally geek out on all things coaching and healing. We cover everything- from making money and marketing to working with clients and the craft itself.

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