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I’m very pleased to be back with another co-hosted episode with the fabulous Holly Worton. Holly and I have been doing co-hosted monthly episodes for a couple of years now but it’s been a few months since we did an episode together…in fact, our last one was in May!

Holly’s business has taken a turn in a new direction since then, and since she’s  more focused on my writing and on helping people connect more deeply to themselves through connecting with Nature, and has all but closed her coaching and healing business (at least for now).

With the rise in interest in the Divine Feminine, Witches, Crystal healing and all manner of  alternative, intuitive and ‘woo’ practices, AND with Holly’s work now taking her deeper along this path, we thought it would be a fun and interesting! direction for our podcast episodes together to take on more of a metaphysical focus.

Think of it as “everything you ever wanted to know about intuition, woo and witchcraft but were too afraid to ask!”

I take on the role of ‘seeker’ – someone who is intrigued and open to these new experiences – but with limited knowledge and a million questions about it.

In this very first “woo” episode, we’ll be talking about our own personal journeys to woo, and how you can benefit from connecting to your own woo.


What You’ll Learn

  • Why we’re shifting our focus to woo for our co-hosted episodes
  • What do we mean by woo (and why that’s a controversial word to even be using)
  • Our own journeys to woo: how they’re different and what it might look like for you
  • Why you might be a seeker even if you’re not aware of it
  • What is intuition, why you might want it, and how you can cultivate your own
  • Why people are often resistant to opening up to woo
  • Why it can be useful (and very empowering!) to open up to woo


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