This is my amazing coach, Jo Casey, without whom I would not be soon relaunching as a feminist book coach and having the guts to really be myself. If you’re a coach or healer who wants some down-to-earth, compassionate, non-sleazy approaches to making online business stuff work, I totally recommend you check out her work. (She also has the funkiest pink hair in the world.)

Sharon ZInk

Feminist Writing Coach, Sharon Zink

I feel fabulous – you “got” me and supported me from minute one. You were so easy to talk with. I loved your ideas and how you supported me. My mind is at ease and ready to really go full force into my coaching – I have a plan and am ready to rock the year. Lisa Panos

Life & Relationship Coach, Lisa Panos

With Jo I got specific, concrete, actionable ideas about how incorporate my strengths into my program for clients. I got a lot of ideas about how to really hone in on “client language” in stead of “coach language” for my marketing efforts. I feel such a sense of relief! Lauren Russo

Lauren Russo Coaching

I just wanted to share my excitement. With Jo’s expert guidance, I’ve finally gone deep enough to emerge with what I believe will be my signature program. I spent an hour today outlining its components, and I’m buzzing with resonance. This feels so different than every other idea I’ve had. It’s just pouring out of me, and I’m so excited for it to be live. It’s straight from my heart to the heart of my ideal client. Yay! Brigid Dineen-Jessamy

Life Coach, Brigid Dineen

“Jo Casey is the Shiz-Bomb, in case anyone else wanted to know 😉 Super Smart!”
Kate Swoboda (aka, “Kate Courageous”)

Author and Life Coach, Your Courageous Life

On a regular basis, I have the giddy pleasure of hopping on the Magick Interwebz and being transported halfway around the world to the warm, insightful, and funny-as-f#ck presence of one Jo Casey in her cozy home office in England. Jo is a business coach committed to helping coaches and other entrepreneurs to thrive without (1) having to resort to what she calls the “sleazy dark arts” of marketing manipulation or (2) succumbing to total burn-out.

Although she works primarily with women, I had heard such good things about her that a couple of years ago, I sent her an impassioned plea to allow me into her group program, the Supernova Collective. (In case the woman thing was important, I even included a shot of me wearing a fashionable red dress in New Orleans–goatee intact.). I was lucky: she chose to welcome me enthusiastically rather than take out a restraining order.

Her logo is a circus tent, and it captures her work beautifully. It’s a place of skill, magic, laughter, and suspension of disbelief. And she lovingly pushes us into attempting daring trapeze leaps and hire-wire hijinks–but she’s always there with a net.

It’s a big tent with a lot of heart, and there’s room for us to bring our whole selves. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten on a call with her expecting to discuss some marketing strategy and in short order we’re unpacking My Stuff, because she knows that’s where both the greatest marketing mojo and the most enduring obstacles come from.

She has helped me to “land” in myself as a coach by encouraging me to tap deeply into my love for my clients and this work, and has assisted with refining my message through her spot-on analyses and unflagging support. And like attracts like: the open-hearted and insightful members of my Supernova cohort have become mainstays for me. We meet regularly to mastermind and just hang out online and work together.

Jo’s been a shining light on my path over the last two years, and I’m happy to call her both my coach and my friend.

Thank you, Jo! ❤️

Chris Kisling

Life Coach, Stillpoint Life Coaching

“Jo has an incredible knack for breaking things down into manageable form. She met me exactly where I was & rocked my world! Her suggestions were right on target & she helped me develop a reusable process for making amazing courses. She’s reignited the spark inside of me during a frustrating time of starting a coaching biz” April Julson

Life Coach, April Julson

“Jo is the real deal. If you need some direction, clarity on your next steps, taking your business to a deeper level or understanding yourself as it relates to your business, contact her. I’ve gained so much in just one session. She will unveil the hidden gems you’re searching for. An extra bonus, she’s amazingly fun to work with” Terasa Neuhaus

Life Coach & Yoga Teacher, Teresa Neuhaus

Had my coaching session with Jo Casey this morning. Wow, she is excellent, fun, and really effective. Wow, wow, and wow!
Joe Bernstein

Life and Health Coach, Drop The Armor

I would recommend anyone that is setting up their coaching business and is struggling with finding their coaching style, ideal clients etc. to work with you. It’s really a blessing to talk with someone like you that can understand what you’re going through and has a lot of experience you can tap into / learn from. You have a very warm friendly energy and that made me feel comfortable instantly. Anja Kicken

SInger, Songwriter and coach

Working with Jo is like getting a super charged clarity fix and she does it with a lot of laughter and fun, as well as with an acute razor sharp depth at the same time.
This is a great combo, as it makes you feel relaxed; but you also get super focused too. Super grateful to you Jo  – you are a wonder-biz being :-) Dr. Melissa Wright

Leader Of The Heart

Just implementing one strategy from Jo resulted in signing two new clients in one week – people I thought were previously out of my league. She’s allowed me to see a way to scale my business in ways I could not have seen before.  I was able to create a solid plan for taking steps far beyond where I’d been before thanks to Jo’s guidance. Heidi Taylor

Relational Sales Coach

Before working working with Jo I was feeling very overwhelmed with all the many tasks I to do in setting up my coaching business and I wasn’t feeling  very confident about where I was at or my plans for the future. I was struggling with prioritizing what to do, had self-doubt about being able to have a coaching business and was unsure of how to find clients. 

Afterwards I felt re-energized, hopeful and excited.  I now have a clearer direction of what to focus on. I feel confident and excited about a niche/program idea I have; I no longer feel like I need to be doing it all…I will instead focus on working on this program idea I have and finding ways to network.
I’d recommend you to any of my coach friends! You were so easy to talk to and so supportive. I loved that you provided suggestions when I needed them and that you were able to wear two hats — coach and consultant. You were exactly what I needed as a novice coach and complete newbie to business. 
Alisha Morgan

Life Coach, Reverie Realized

Since working with you I have a completely different perspective on money in my business; the shift from being scared of having ‘sales’ conversations, to being excited about talking to people about things I’ve developed that I’m passionate about and know will help them.

You are such an energetic and loving person, and I really felt that you cared about me and my business. I really felt like we worked through my issues together and that you were fighting in my corner with me. Meg Kissack

Self Care Warrior, That Hummingbird Life

Life Coach Brigid Dineen talks about her experience of working with me