Ready to Level Up Your Coaching Practice?

you + me + 60 minutes = sweet, sweet clarity of knowing what’s working, what you can ditch + what you can change to massively improve your coaching business

Building a coaching business can lead to major overwhelm & confusion. I get it + have the answer

Sweet Clarity Strategy Sessions - Imagine how sweet it's gonna feel to KNOW what to do next.
You’re working your ass off- trying everything you can to make your coaching business be all that it can be.

You’re so ready for this you can’t stand it.

You think some of the stuff you’re doing is good. You know that some (a lot?) needs work…

But you’re not sure exactly which bits.

It can feel f*cking exhausting!

That's where I come in

Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You’re going round and round in circles, trying so many different strategies and techniques without any real results.

You’ve had some clients, but not enough and certainly not as consistently as you’d like

You’re not sure what strategy to follow – there seems to be new one each week – do you really have to do them all?

Some of the marketing you see other coaches doing just seem….urgh! (but you wonder if that’s the only way to really make a coaching business work.)

You’re feeling stalled – you know you’re not far off making this work – but it’s frustrating trying to work it out on your own (and no, you don’t want to take another course thankyouverymuch)

Sanity (and success) are within your reach - swearzies

How about this instead?

Expert eyes on your very own biz so you know precisely what you can do to skyrocket your results

More clients, more income, more impact

A ton of new ideas, a workable action plan and total clarity about your next steps

No more bright shiny object syndrome – you get to stay in your own lane and focus on what works best for you – because you’re far from generic darling!

I feel fabulous – you “got” me and supported me from minute one. You were so easy to talk with. I loved your ideas and how you supported me. My mind is at ease and ready to really go full force into my coaching – I have a plan and am ready to rock 2015.

Lisa Panos

Life & Relationship Coach, Lisa Panos

Building a business can feel big time overwhelming.

You’ve done the courses and you read the blog posts.

Lord knows you’ve attended enough webinars by now to know that you need some targeted, expert direction on your biz.

We’ll dig in, look at what you want to achieve and get you a simple, easy to implement plan to get you there.

No gimmicks. No expensive ad ons. Just smart, targeted (and fun) strategy to get you to the next step.

More clients. More clarity. More income. Less freaking out.

Interested? Groovy – Here’s How It Works

You’ll complete a powerful pre-session questionnaire so I can get a full understanding of where you’re at and how I can best help.

I’ll do a full website review – looking at your copy, layout and packages. I’ll make suggestions of where you can tweak and streamline your message so your website is a reflection of the value you give AND makes clients take notice.
We’ll ‘meet’ via Skype for 60 minutes. This is precision focused work – we’ll get a lot done and you’ll leave with a CLEAR idea of what your next steps to get more clients, more traffic, more income need to be.
We’ll ‘meet’ via Skype for 60 minutes. This is precision focused work – we’ll get a lot done and you’ll leave with a CLEAR idea of what your next steps to get more clients, more traffic, more income need to be.
You’ll get a shiny mp3 recording of the call so you can listen to it at any time (we’ll be covering a LOT of ground so you’ll want to go back to the call again and again).

You’ll have 7 days of email support from me to review any changes you make to your copy and website and get additional feedback and suggestions.

Before working with Jo I was feeling a little unsure, a little confused/vague about my coaching brand and marketing myself. I was struggling with the idea of redesigning my website, marketing, and not wanting to pick a niche

Afterwards I felt much clearer. I walked away with some action steps to take, and that felt really good!

As a result I came up with some copy for my website (on the call!), realized that marketing can be as simple as creating resonance with people through writing (which I already love doing!) received some tips on sites to possibly guest blog through (to reach a wider audience so that I can help/serve more people) realized I DO have a niche in helping people be confident in being themselves.

I am most excited to put myself out there so that I can help other people put themselves out there!

Tasha Dalrymple

Life Coach, Wide Open Life Coaching

Before our coaching session I was feeling confused and stuck, the thing about finding a niche kept me from actually doing my work. After working with Jo?
Bring it on! I am on the way to get my groove back. I have a plan for the next best step and am excited about loving my work again.
Daggi Bayer

Certified Coach, Daggi Bayer

Working with Jo, in just one coaching session, gave me a laser-focus to growing my coaching practice.  I had been trying every tip and technique in the book and running myself ragged with dismal results.  She helped me pinpoint where my passions and talents lie and gave me the courage to let go of the actions that I didn’t enjoy and weren’t bringing me any closer to success.

By reminding me to slow down and put my energy and attention on what I excel in and resonate with, I can already visualize a more authentic ME being built!  Thanks so much for your valuable insight and getting me back on a path of ease instead of struggle.

Rose Forbes

Life Coach, Journey To Forgive Coaching

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