The Supernova Collective

A 9-month mastermind to get you out of isolation and into your business groove

You need to let your brilliance shine out like a motherfucking supernova.

You want a thriving business filled with clients, creativity and knowing you’re making an impact in the world.

But it’s not always so easy.

Pushing through internal resistance, feeling overwhelmed, and trying to figure things out on your own is not fun. Yet it’s what a lot of us do when growing our businesses.

In my experience, there are 3 main things that trip folks up when it comes to getting clients and building a sustainable, profitable business:

Overwhelm. There are SO MANY things you COULD be doing – it’s easy to get lost in a sea of possibilities and not know what to do, in what order, for YOUR business.

PLUS how do you take the theory of business building and apply it to your own unique business and personal style? You end up getting stuck, spinning your wheels and not making the progress you deserve.

Dealing with the emotional impacts of change in your business. Most business coaching programs take a ‘just do it’ approach. Feminine conditioning, structural systemic inequalities, perfectionism, personal growth – we can’t ignore or push through – instead, we need to acknowledge these things and tackle them head on

Isolation and feeling alone. So often running a solo business means we’re working in solitary conditions. This leads to loneliness and getting stuck inside our own heads.

What We Need Instead:


Business clarity. Clear strategic tools and information – so that we know the key steps to take, and in which order for our own businesses.

Support to Implement. Information and guidance so that you can apply the theory to your own situation and business

Space to explore. Resistance, fears, and the inevitable personal development work so that you can grow, expand and blossom rather than freeze out and fall into a spiral of self-doubt and self-recrimination.

A community of like-minded fellow travelers who have your back and share your experience. The Supernova Collective addresses all of these challenges (and solutions) head on.

It’s possible to have  an abundant, sustainable business. I know – because I’ve helped dozens of people like you do just that.

Hi, I’m Jo Casey. I’m a business coach and mentor. I specialize in helping coaches, healers and consultants do the necessary self-development and unlearning work, get more clients and build sustainable, honest businesses  – all without resorting to the darks arts or sleazy marketing tactics.

I do this through an integration of business strategy, marketing, and aligned sales with self-development, growth, and personal actualization. So building a business will feel as deep and transformational as coach training. 

I’ll show you how to develop your own personal vision for your business and lead you through the strategic pieces you need to sustainably build your community, brand, and income.

I’ll show you how to get more clients, consistently and without having to resort to ethically dubious or hard sell technique.

And I’ll hold space for the inevitable dissonance and internal conflicts that rise up when we start implementing.

I love, love, love working with Jo!  I have sorted out my True Message – something I have struggled with on my own, I am in the process of pulling together my offers and stepped out of my comfort zone to have professional photos taken that I will use on my re-vamped website! Jo is inspiring and has an awesome energy that just feeds my soul.  I am learning how to avoid the shiny objects and get focused on what I need to be doing and not floating around directionless.  Her encouragement and support mean the world to me as I transition out of corporate 9-5 and into building this amazing business to serve others.
Sarah Finney

Life Coach, Sarah Finney

I’m finally proud of what I’m doing – I’ve found a message and direction for my business that I’m really passionate about…I’m only half way through Supernova and I feel like I’ve completely changed how I think about things. My confidence is so much better. I have 19 people booked in for sessions with me in the next 2 weeks – I just did my first one and she wants to sign on with me!!!!!
Sharon Zink

Feminist Writing Coach, Sharon Zink

Program Philosophy & Intentions

Let’s Do Different

Sometimes business courses are prescriptive and the leaders lack patience if you don’t implement the formula. They don’t hold space for you to process the internal conflicts that come up as a result of social conditioning and personal histories

What happens then is that we get stuck in our heads and our conditioning, and we don’t implement, and we spent all that money for nothing. (And get blamed for our ‘failure’.)


That’s the dilemma this mastermind answers

Jo is so damn good and helping me get all the ideas out of my head and put them into something tangible I can actually DO/SELL/USE. So I go from ALL the ideas to, okay – this is easy I can definitely do this. Thank you!  
Kimberly Weiss

Body Positive BS Free Coach, Fuel The Happy


We focus on what works. Big dreams and ideas are balanced with practical strategies to make them happen. 

Business takes more than having a high vibe and positive outlook

Safe & Supportive

I don’t believe you need to leap and hope the universe will catch you. Here you’ll take things step by step, at your own pace. We spend time and care up front to ensure the group bond and mutual support and respect is baked in right from the start.

Future Proof

The skills you’ll learn in this program will last with you for the life of your business (and will still apply to any future businesses you may start!) Things like copywriting, ethical sales, and authentic marketing are ones you’ll turn to again and again.

How this is going to work:

9 x 1:1 one hour coaching sessions with me so that you can take what we learn in the workshop sessions and apply this to your unique business, get specific feedback and that all important outside eye. You’ll also have my expert copywriting help to create your message, offers, and outreach strategy so that your online presence speaks your message in the most powerful way possible. You can use these sessions for any aspect of your business or personal development.

9 x monthly 2 hour online workshops. As a group, we’ll dig into 6 specific marketing/business development skills (one per month)

9 x 1-hour monthly group calls – these are container calls for support and group discussion around the issues and challenges implementing new things in our businesses generate.

A private Facebook group for ongoing support and mutual encouragement. We’ll consciously cultivate a community of fellow travellers so you’re never on your own, never stuck in the lonely spot without someone to call on. You’ll have the knowledge that these people have your back.

Twice monthly office hours sessions (starting month 3) so you can get feedback and encouragement to keep you in action and making consistent progress.

Lifetime membership to The Meaningful Business Academy (Normally $650 per year).

Optional Extra: licensed copy of the best selling Divi premium WordPress theme. Perfect for creating a beautiful, versatile, easy to use website. (FYI – jocasey.com is built using Divi).

The group will be a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 participants. The focus is on creating an intimate group experience – large enough to have a range of voices yet small enough for each person to be seen, heard and supported.

You’ll take action, make more progress than you thought possible, and create a business that feels expansive, fulfilling and purposeful.

Well Priced Packages & Offers

You’ll have a solid business model and your pricing figured out. You’ll know where to place your energy, what programs to focus on and how to explain what you do (and its value).
Plus it’s going to feel authentic and aligned with your goals AND your values.

Fresh Copy For Your Website

…that speaks to your ideal client, creating connection and making her eager to hire you. You’ll also know how to craft compelling copy on your own – one of the core skills that separates successful business owners (and will save you a ton of money in the future because you won’t have to hire copywriters)

A Clear Marketing Plan

This isn’t one size fits all – together we’ll devise a plan that suits your personality and style.

Think: streamlined and effective – no more trying to do #AllTheThings. Feel the relief?

It’s real and do-able.

Increased Confidence & Support

You’ll never feel on your own. You’ll not only have a coach to support you but a community of fellow travellers.

Support and connection is baked in as an essential part of this program. No pressure, just gentel, consistent support from fellow travellers. 

just wanted to share my excitement. With Jo’s expert guidance, I’ve finally gone deep enough to emerge with what I believe will be my signature program. I spent an hour today outlining its components, and I’m buzzing with resonance. This feels so different than every other idea I’ve had. It’s just pouring out of me, and I’m so excited for it to be live. It’s straight from my heart to the heart of my ideal client. Yay!
Brigid Dineen-Jessamy

Life Coach & Speaker

I was worried about investing the money in Supernova at first but it was completely worth it just to finally feel like I have a real business and I’m not just playing at it.
I now have a solid strategy and direction.
Alisha Morgan

Life Coach

Practical and ethical marketing and business skills we will work on (one each month):

1. How to stand out in a crowded market so that you don’t feel like your voice is getting lost in a noisy crowd of business owners all saying variations of the same thing.

2. How to craft your clear true marketing message (True to you and clear to your potential clients.) We dive into who your ideal clients really are, what they want from you and how you can communicate this to them authentically and with integrity.

3. How to put together packages and choose the right business model aka – the best way for you to make money, for the different stages of your business (no more wondering if you should be doing group’s, corporate, one on one, online/offline) – we work through all of the options so you can decide on what is the best approach for you.

4. How to build a community of people who are hungry for what you have to offer and how you can create consistent content to grow that audience without burning yourself out.

5. How to approach sales in an ethical, yet effective way. This is a huge knowledge and confidence gap for most emerging business owners so we’re going to spend 2 months focusing on this. In month 5 we’ll look at online sales – focusing on how you can write a loving and authentic sales page and a simple email marketing sequence you can set and forget.

6. Sales conversations and how you can hold respectful, effective intake calls that won’t make you want to throw up, don’t use any sleazy hard sell tactics,  and will allow you to feel confident about your services and offerings.

In months 7-9 we’ll focus on solidifying, deepening and sustaining the new services, practices, and habit to set you up for long-term success.

Bottom Line: When you know who you are in the world, and have a message that reflects that, clients respond.

They know who you are. They SEE you and know that you see them.

It’s powerful alchemy.

Working with Jo might just be the smartest thing I’ve done for my business. I have recommended working with Jo to countless people because I honestly feel that they can get such great benefits from this work!

Jo helped me take the swirl of ideas and half-formed thoughts in my head and turn it into a way to communicate, clearly and compellingly, about what the hell it is that I do – in writing, in person, on my website, the whole enchilada. When someone asks me what I do, I now know just what to say! She helped me get to the root of not only what I do, but why.

I’m signing clients, writing more and I feel like my marketing not only has integrity, but it actually reflects who I am and what I care about.

In addition to that, being a part of the Supernova mastermind gave me an amazing circle of fellow entrepreneurs to collaborate with. It broke me out of the isolation I was feeling in my business and ignited my creativity again. Within the group, I had a safe space to try out ideas and get feedback and encouragement. I gained the courage to push past the voices of my feminine conditioning and become more visible, with great results. The sense of community in our group is just fabulous and I’m so grateful to be a part of it!

Jen Pavich

Feminist Life Coach, Jen Pavich

When we work in community, we build strong supportive bonds that make all the difference. We get to rise together. We develop confidence, build strength and get to practice being visible in a supportive, sisterhood.


No more trying to work it all out on your own.

No more spinning your wheels and getting stuck inside your head, wondering what steps to take next and not seeing the results you want.

Our 2019 program starts in 1st October  

Investment=9 monthly payments of $550 or 1 payment of $4600

Ready? Great!

Click on this button and you’ll be taken to straight to my calendar to book a time for a quick chat – this is just to see if you’re a good fit for the program and to answer any final questions you might have. Don’t worry, there’s no pressure or expectation that clicking the button commits you to anything other than making sure this is a great move for you. 

The Supernova Collective gives you:


  • A solid business plan
  • An effective, ethical, and repeatable marketing approach
  • Hands-on help and support
  • Sales and marketing skills that will last for the life of your business.
  • Personalised coaching to uncover your unique message and practical copywriting guidance to add zing to your key web pages.
  • Community support that lasts long after the paid portion of the program
  • Resilience, confidence and the ability to step out of the shadows and fully into your business.
  • More clients, more income, and the confidence to take your business as high as you want it to go.
  • The peace of knowing you’ve got a dependable business foundation – and a support network to match.


Our 2019 program starts 1st October 

Investment=9 monthly payments of $550 or 1 payment of $4600


Ready? Great!

Click on this button and you’ll be taken to straight to my calendar to book a time for a quick chat – this is just to see if you’re a good fit for the program and to answer any final questions you might have. Don’t worry, there’s no pressure or expectation that clicking the button commits you to anything other than making sure this is a great move for you. 

Alumni Expereince:

Liz Applegate

Liz Applegate from The Midlife Schmidlife Podcast & Elizabeth Applegate Coaching
SuperNova offered me expert tools for refining my message, a warm and supportive community, and a safe container for pushing my edges—along with Jo’s unflagging belief in us and her uncanny ability to pinpoint The Thing Beneath The Thing that you thought was the issue.”
Chris Kisling

Life Coach

“Gratitude. Just so much gratitude for you and your work, Jo. My practice is not only growing, but we’ve finally uncovered its true nature. I get up every day happy and curious and ready to reach a bit further into the unknown…to push my edges a bit more. You are simply THE BEST. Full stop.”
Tracie Nichols

Coach, Rebel Crone, Aromatherapist, Poet, Tracie Nichols

I knew I had to work with Jo Casey from the second I found her on social media. There was something about her authenticity that shone through. That spoke to me personally. Jo is the real deal. She is a heart-centered take-no-bullshit woman who knows how to not only hold space for the women in her circles but help them make space for their own truth to come through. I’d like to talk about two of Jo’s superpowers.

First, she is an incredible wordsmith. One of the most valuable experiences of my work with Jo has been the way the words flow out of her during our coaching conversations about my business. (Thank goodness for recordings!) Both in our Supernova group calls and in our private one-on-ones, Jo’s word magic helped bring out the best in my message and content. And it wasn’t just Jo putting her words on my work, it was Jo seeing me, getting me, reflecting back to me, and deeply honoring my work with her vision!

Second, Jo is ridiculously generous. She gives gives gives. Her giving is a model for all of us, especially in our competitive, audience hoarding economy. She gives of her wisdom, her compassion and her time. From her heart. I am forever grateful for this.

The power of Supernova is to be in community with other heart-centered entrepreneurs. To be able to be vulnerable and wise at the same time. To be able to hold space for your sisters and have that space held for you, too. How incredible to be able to let it all hang out with other wise business owners and to not have to worry about anything. So much growth and potential in all that! Many thanks to Jo for creating that space. So glad I listened to my gut and jumped into working with Jo Casey.

Susie Stonefield-Miller

Fine artist and educator , Unfold Art

Case Study - Janet Kafadar

Before working with Jo, I was sick of the business that I have grown and built for the last 3.5 years (but I also didn’t want to throw everything I had done, down the drain).

Here’s where I was … I was sick of talking about what I did and the industry I’m in and I was honestly considering closing my business altogether. I knew something was wrong, I just couldn’t figure out what it was. But the truth was I was burnt out and I had no idea.

After taking a step back from my business for 3 months and catching up on 3.5 years worth of sleep deprivation and working solely with a corporate client I joined the Supernova Collective. It was honestly the best decision I made in my business to date.

I wasn’t new to Jo, I had been watching her online for about 2 years before jumping into the program and was hesitate to join another program after being burnt in the past.

The thing I wanted the most – was an opportunity to be a part of a small group and for someone to ask me the right Q’s. I didn’t want the ‘5 step formula or the blueprint blah, blah to reach X $$’s’. I wanted a coach – a real one. Not a mentor or a strategist – but a coach. And that’s what I got.

Jo didn’t disappoint at all and the program was just what I needed in a small intimate group to share my fears, WINs, crazy ideas, piss your pants with laughter stories and my total crybaby moments without judgment.

But the beautiful part was I also go my monthly dose or straight talking and blindside spotting from Jo, to help me align my work to what excites me to bring the FUN back into my business.

I’d lost that.

I’d lost the passion for my business and now I feel centered and grounded and WHO I help and WHY! I now have two businesses and 2 types of people that I serve.

I’m a Digital Champion Consultant for my corporate clients and an online course creator strategist and trainer for Personal Brands. At first, I thought that both of these areas had to fall under the same umbrella, but after working with Jo – she helped me figure out that, it’s my business and this is the pathway that works best for me, my family, my sanity and my clients.

I can’t recommend this program enough, you’d kick yourself and be crazy not to join.

Janet Kafadar – Digital Champion Consultant and Online Course Creator Strategist

Our 2019 program starts 1st October 

Investment=9 monthly payments of $550 or 1 payment of $4600


Ready? Great!

Click on this button and you’ll be taken to straight to my calendar to book a time for a quick chat – this is just to see if you’re a good fit for the program and to answer any final questions you might have. Don’t worry, there’s no pressure or expectation that clicking the button commits you to anything other than making sure this is a great move for you. 


I can't make all the calls live - will they be recorded?
Yes, all calls – including office hours sessions are recorded. That way, even if you can’t make a call ‘live’, you can post things in the Facebook group, I’ll answer them on the call, and you can listen back later.
Is this program suitable if a more established business?
Yes. The beauty of this program is it will meet you where you are at – creating or solidifying your business foundation and creating or refining your message, copy, and brand. Because this is a hybrid program – with a combination of group and individual work, you get the best of both worlds – personalized, tailored support with group and community learning. You’re never on your own and everyone gets to develop at their own pace.
Is this program suitable if I'm just starting out?
Yes. The program is designed to give you a rock solid foundation from which to build your coaching business AND you get to do it from a place of support and integrity – which in itself can shave literally years off your learning curve. Each of the monthly workshops, along with the assignments and one on one calls are designed to build the infrastructure of your business and provide a framework that will support your business as it grows.
I've done my fair share of training programs promising to grow my business - what makes this one different?
This program is purposefully different from many other group coaching and training programs out there. Firstly, the community support is baked into the structure – we proactively and consciously spend time right up front on conversations and activities to create cohesion and trust as a group. This is invaluable – you’re never struggling on your own because you have fellow travelers to walk alongside you, encourage, challenge and hold you up when it feels tough while throwing you the biggest virtual party when you have your successes. They become your sounding board, your support network, and your cheering squad. And you get to be that for them too. Secondly, we acknowledge that there isn’t a one size fits all blueprint that every business owner can follow and voila! instant success. Instead, we cover the key foundational pieces that every service based business needs to consider in the group workshops. Then you get to dive in and use those pieces as your building blocks to create your own unique model in our one on one sessions. It’s on these calls that we’ll also craft your unique, uncopyable, message, (re) write copy for your website and marketing materials, and craft a personalized marketing outreach plan that plays to your strengths and maintains your energy while focussing on the most effective ways to attract your perfect clients. Finally, we acknowledge that business growth is personal growth – so that rather than deny and try and ‘push through’ fear and resistance, we unpack, work with and overcome it. You get to practice growing your comfort zone in the safe and supportive space of the collective.
Do I have to take the one on one sessions monthly?
You can schedule your one on one sessions at a pace to suit you (my calendar allowing of course.) For example, some participants prefer to do a few sessions close together, especially if they’re working on getting their message or website copy done, or on a key project like launching a new coaching program.
How is the program delivered?
Our calls and workshops delivered via Zoom. Day to day interaction happens within the private Facebook group. We also have a Mentor Coach on hand for when I’m not available so that you have additional support and another perspective.
What sort of results can I expect?
Honestly? that’s going to be different for everyone and depends on many factors – including where you are right now in your business, how much time you have to put in, how much work you do, the resources you have etc. That being said, here are just some the results previous participants have had  Most are working their businesses on the side and spending a few hours per week on the program.

  • 19 Intake calls after putting just one offer out
  • New websites, message, sales pages, and copy
  • Clarity on their big, bold vision and message
  • Newly designed packages and services that speak directly to their clients’ needs.
  • Launching (and filling) their first group program
  • A new column in THE industry publication for her niche
  • Invited to be a co-contributor to a book with someone who has a network of their ideal client. (Plus a featured spot in industry website AND potentially being a featured expert in a documentary for the project.)
  • Profitable new partnerships with several local businesses that are funneling ideal fit clients to her.
  • 1st monthly retainer clients (after previously working session by session)
  • Most profitable coaching month so far since starting their business.
What if I need more than the 9 one on one sessions?

You can pay for additional coaching sessions on a pay as you go basis for £250 per session.

Why do the office hours sessions start part way through the program? Why not straight away?
We spend the first 2 months of the program focusing on your message, niche and WHY. This takes time to bake – so what we’ve found is that in the first couple of months there isn’t as much material to review in the office hours sessions. Once things get going, however, you’ll find that you’ll be producing copy, designing packages and doing regular client reach out sessions – THAT’s when the ability to bring things to the group, and to me, is really beneficial.

Before this point, you’ll still have the regular one on one sessions with me and the monthly group coaching and workshop sessions AND there’s the Facebook group available 24/7. You won’t be left stranded on your own but at the same time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with too much information and pressure so the timings are staggered to prevent this happenning.

Is this going to be a 'go away and think good thoughts' type of program or will you actually be hands on, helping me shape my business and my message?
While I firmly believe that you are the best guide for your business, I will be right there with you offering strategic guidance based on my knowledge and experience of the industry. That’s why I call myself a mentor and a coach- sometimes I’ll be coaching you. At other times it will be more strategic and advisory.

When it comes to your copy and messaging I’ll be very hands-on – helping you to craft those all important key messages and find the right language and structure for things like sales pages and emails that hit just the right spot with your clients.

You’ll also be able to get regular feedback on your progress through the ‘office hours’ sessions so that you are never on your own, spinning your wheels and can stay in consistent, effective action.

Is the program women only? Are men, femmes and non binary folk welcome?
The short answer is, yes – if you’re the right fit and are open to being part of a group ready to listen, support and engage with one another then you’re more than welcome. If you’re unsure if it’s a fit for you, book a time to chat with me.

Ready? Great!

Click on this button and you’ll be taken to straight to my calendar to book a time for a quick chat – this is just to see if you’re a good fit for the program and to answer any final questions you might have. Don’t worry, there’s no pressure or expectation that clicking the button commits you to anything other than making sure this is a great move for you.