Building a successful coaching business can feel isolating, lonely and at times, rather repetitive. It can mess with our heads, our emotions and our decisions can seem to change quicker than the British weather ( that’s a lot!) The need for human connection, community and ‘oneness’ can become an unwanted distraction when busyness rears its head and takes precedence.

So, how can we find meaning in the everyday workings of our business? And, when our heads hit the pillow, how can we be certain that success is on the way?

Well, look no further for the answers than in today’s episode. I will be chatting to one of the superstars of the online coaching world –  ‘It Girl’, Jessica Nazarali. Now, before you roll your eyes after reading the words, ‘superstar’’, and start wondering whether the Lamborghini and hired mansion pictures will be attached in the footer. I’m happy to announce…actually, I’d like to shout from the rooftops, that this episode is jam-packed with beautiful gems of information, that will enable you to take actionable steps towards that successful coaching business

“..That’s how my coaching business was born, It was from really following the demand and seeing what my audience wanted and what they were asking me for’’


jessica Nazarali

That’s right, the ever-so-lovely, Jessica Nazarali talks about the secrets to building her successful coaching business, online training series, coaching certification, mastermind and foundation, all under the wonderful umbrella of the  ‘It Girl Academy’. Breaking down her success, step by step, she shares all her tools and strategies, like yummy bread crumbs of information, for you to digest and help you create your own vibrant and thriving coaching business.

It can be easy to believe that people who are running successful coaching businesses have it all figured out.

However, like a breath of fresh air, Jessica candidly speaks about the real price of success and how clearing her money blocks allowed her to scale her business. Also, how slowing down and not knowing the answer to everything really is the secret sauce to being in it for the long-haul.

Guest Bio

Jessica Nazarali is the founder of the IT Girl Academy – an online training school. Starting out with a modest blog that created a following of IT Girls, Jessica built a thriving business in five short years.One that includes online training programs, a coaching mastery certification, a mastermind and her very own foundation. Through the It Girl Foundation, Jessica’s powerful mission and purpose, is to help women in developing countries earn $3-$5 per hour online, which in the process completely changes their life and financial situation. She is the host of the popular It Girl Radio Podcast which pulls back the curtain on life stories and success secrets of industry influencers, thought leaders and the growing global tribe of listeners.

Jessica is inspirational, full of heart and definitely a woman who walks her talk.



Jessica’s Website 

IT Girl Radio with Jessica Nazarali 





“People can get really distracting in the beginning when they’re starting out, they’re like.. I need a fancy website..or my ‘about page’ copy…Don’t get caught up on these thing…put something up there that you’re proud of, and you can stand behind. But ultimately you need to focus on really adding value to people.’’



“ I see people all the time saying, ‘I’m happy giving free sessions and I’m happy even discounting my sessions… I’m doing exchanges and trades with people’. But when it comes to actually making the offer and standing in that place of ‘What I have is really valuable and here’s how you can hire me’, then that is a big milestone for people to get over”


“I can get caught up in the minor details. I try to remind myself as much as possible,  If it’s not going to matter in twenty years, it’s not worth stressing about – and that’s pretty much everything.”


The Road To A Successful Coaching Business with Jessica Nazarali

In today’s episode we discuss:


  • The importance of giving back when you are doing well in your coaching business. Jessica talks about her foundation, the origins and her labor of love to set it up
  • Jessica uncovers what her childhood profession was, life on a hobby farm and being a Reiki master at 11 years old.
  • How the path to finding your purpose can lead you to your biggest breakthroughs and guidance from the Universe to go for your dream
  • The key lessons that Jessica has learned along the way and how those lessons have shaped her business and personal life too.
  • How focus, creating great content and adding value are the key components to a healthy and successful coaching business.
  • How self-belief and money blocks can stop you from having the coaching business of your dreams AND the exercises that will get you out of the funk.
  • How not knowing the next step can set you free in your decision making

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