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OK, I’ll admit it – while I have been LOVING my conversations with Holly Worton (find our previous woo series episodes here and here, This one had me leaning WAY into my woo edge!    Today, we talk about spirit guides, our higher self, and tapping into our intuition. We discuss whether or not it’s disempowering to get guidance from external sources, and whether we should just rely on our intuition and our higher self for everything. This was inspired by an email Holly received from a listener: Spirit guides versus inner self! This has been on my mind for a while and has come to the foreground while I’ve been taking Lisa MW’s WooWoo101 course I’ve been wondering; if you rely on spirit guides for guidance, is that not… disempowering? Your inner self has all the answers, right? So is looking to spirit guides, or things like pendulums etc, not giving your power away? Is it trusting external factors rather than trusting your own inner guidance? Or are they simply all coming from the same place? I’d love to have more clarity on this, since it feels a little woolly in my head. I ask a LOT of questions about spirit guides on this one and Holly was very patient with me! 
She shared her own experience of working with her guides, and how she knows when it really is one of her guides, and when it’s her inner wise self or intuition.  Whether your familiar with your own guides or have zero experience like me, you’ll find this episode fascinating!  What You’ll Learn
  • What are spirit guides, and why might you want to connect with them?
  • Do things like lineage and ancestors come into play?
  • Are angels, ghosts, and ancestors etc akin to spirit guides?
  • What are they trying to guide us to/from?
  • What is your higher self?
  • How do you know the difference? Do you hear voices? See things? How do you know you’re not just making it all up?
  • Is listening to guides abdicating responsibility to someone/something else?
  • Is it our ego that says we should primarily be led by our own intuition?
  • What kinds of things you can ask for help with in your life
  • How you can get started channeling your own guides
How to Get Started: Professional Channels How to Get Started: Books How to Get Started: Courses


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