The one where Jo & Holly discuss whether it’s really possible (or desirable) to make six figures in six months, six weeks or whatever the latest internet guru is telling you.

Drum Roll…..Introducing The New Bonus Monthly Podcast

After two years of interviews and solo shows on this podcast, I wanted to shake things up a bit. And I’ll be honest – this is a super fun experiment, but an experiment non the less. Holly Worton and I decided we wanted to branch out from our usual style of podcast (you can listen to Holly’s podcast over at ready2bloom).

Holly has interviewed me a few times her for podcast  and I’ve interviewed her twice – first talking about social media  and later talking about coaching (with a third interview going live this Thursday – so watch this space.)

So you can see that we have lots and lots to talk about!

And I wanted to partner up with someone this year to do some co-hosted episodes, so Holly seemed like a perfect match. The idea is to have a conversation (much like my regular episodes) around a single topic each time.

Today we’re starting out with Six Figures in Six Minutes (or months, or whatever)…that big revenue milestone that so many people strive to reach and which so many marketers promise we can achieve in no time at all.

six figures in six minutes

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • Why so many people are talking about “six figure business” marketing BS
  • The foundations you need to have in place before you can expect to make six figures
  • The one example we know of someone who has done six figures their first year, and what her recipe to success was
  • The two big things that helped Jo & Holly with their businesses

People & Things We Discuss

We plan on doing this once per month – think of it like a bonus episode because I’m going to publish it in addition to my usual weekly show. It’s also being published as part of Holly’s show too – so watch out podcast land, there’s going to be double of me once a month.

I’d love to hear what you think of this new format. Please comment and let me know. Also, we’ve got a whole list of topics that we want to discuss on this show, but please drop us a note in the comments and let us know what you’d like to hear us talking about. Thanks!

We really, really REALLY want to know what you think. Do you violently disagree with us or think that we’re the voices of sanity in this crazy messed up online world? Could you give less than two hoots about making the magic six figures so long as you’re earning a great living or would six figures be the first step for you on the road to multi-millions?

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