Rolling With The Punches has been my motto this past 2 weeks.

OK, so no punches were actually thrown.

But it’s a compelling metaphor to remind me that things don’t always go as planned – and it can either prompt a meltdown or rejig (in my case, usually one followed by the other!)

Which was the case 2 weeks ago when I released my podcast interview with Andrea Owen – only to realize that no one could access my site and actually hear the thing! And although only 3 people emailed me and another 4 sent me messages via Facebook it felt like a barrage of pressure and displeasure. I felt I was letting lot of people down and the ‘why did you think you could do this?’ re-frame played its familiar tune in my stressed out head.

rolling with the punches how to handle yourself when things go wrong

As I allowed myself a tiny meltdown involving a few tears and a lot of chocolate, I was reminded that just because I’m a coach, I’m allowed to react in a not so coachy way now and again.

So thankfully the meltdown (meltette?) didn’t last long and I got into action mode pretty quickly. I got hold of my technical support person, who put me onto a service called WPCurve (highly recommended by the way) – who thankfully not only fixed the problem but did a whole security and efficiency audit on my site. A few days later my site was back up and running with a clean bill of health, the interview intact and a bit of a makeover – new header, new imagery and a faster running speed.

In fact, the original issue (a malware virus) forced me to take action on making sure my site was not only safe and secure but ran well too. WP curve has done things to improve the speed, stability and look of my digital baby. The silver lining being it’s now in better shape than ever.

It’s shitty when things go wrong. But spotting silver linings and the growth opportunities within the missteps IS a coachy thing to do (even though you may kick against seeing them at first – you’re definitely allowed an eye roll or two.)

I’m re-posting a link the the interview here –  knowing it will fully work. I’ve 100% confidence – and if it doesn’t you’ll find me in the kitchen mainlining Nutella.

So what are your strategies for when things don’t go so well? Do you give in, fight or go with the flow? Leave a comment – let me know

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