Robyn Holloway
Robyn Holloway helps women of a certain age become unlost – that is to say, to rediscover the vibrant person they were before life, laundry and taking care of everyone else got in the way. She is a certified coach, trainer and positive psychology practitioner. Robyn’s approach combines intuition with a highly pragmatic focus to help her clients create results they crave. She was prompted to become a life coach after putting off her own dreams for far too long. Her moment of truth came in the form of a major health crisis. After a successful treatment and recovery, she realised how short life can be. She reclaimed the woman she thought she had lost – and is now a passionate advocate for other women – helping them re-invigorate their own lives without waiting for a crisis to be their catalyst. In this episode we talk about how Robyn found herself lost in her own life – and found her way to becoming Unlost again.
She shares why she thinks so many of us lose ourselves and how the first steps to finding ourselves again don’t require us to Eat, Pray, Love our live and go off and join an Ashram but can begin with the simplest of steps. We discuss why awareness and boundaries are secret (and misunderstood) secret weapons and where to start when you don’t know where to start.   You can find out more about Robyn and her work at  Robyn Holloway Coaching
You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn If you’d like to sign up for one of Robyn’s 100 chats – you can find all of the details here  
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