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Your Unshiny Business Retreat
 FREE EVENT –  October 17 & 18

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If the majority of business and marketing advice leaves you cold, I’ve got good news – there is an alternative.

An alternative that . . .

Doesn’t require you to be on social media 24/7

Doesn’t  demand you push yourself to exhaustion (and beyond) to build your business

Doesn’t  mean you have to compromise your values and ethics to make sales


DOES allow you to make great money

DOES create space for you to show up 100% authentically without having to reveal your innermost soul

DOES provide you with the security of knowing you have a sustainable way to create more clients and more income 


DOES rely on you being your unapologetic, messy, meaningful self. 

Jo holding a votes for women mug

Intrigued? Tantalised? Want to know more? 

Come and join me (and some special guests) on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October for The Unshiny Business Retreat. 

During this free 2 day event, I will show you how you can ditch the tired old marketing and business advice that leaves you cold and instead discover how you can have a business and marketing plan that feels like an extension of your values.

I’m going to show an alternative model for building your juicy, authentic, MEANINGFUL business – without the need for sleazy nonsense, shiny objects or shouting into the void on social media. 

Our Timetable:

Saturday 5 PM UK time – 8PM UK Time ( Noon – 3PM Eastern, 9AM – Noon Pacific) 

5PM: A Viable Alternative To Shiny & Shouty Marketing

Sick of being told to ‘hustle harder’ and be a ‘boss babe?’ I hear you. I’m going to show you the simple roadmap to making great money from your service-based business without the need for sleazy and shouty tactics.  

6pm: Standing out without shouting

When the world feels really noisy, it’s hard to know how to stand out and attract your people. I’m going to lay out the key ingredients to finding your folk without feeling like an annoying arse or you’re shouting into the void.

7PM: Mindset and owning your brilliance

So much business advice focusses on strategies and hacks – and while these are important they are nothing without the confidence to put those things into action. So in this session, I’ll share my best tools for building your confidence and visibility muscles so you can take up the space you deserve. 

Sunday 5 PM UK time – 8PM UK Time ( Noon – 3PM Eastern, 9AM – Noon Pacific) 

5PM: How to sell without feeling sleazy

Selling is simply an exchange – in this case money for services. So why is it so hard for so many of us? I’m going to share my simple secrets for making selling feel lovely (yep, really.)

6PM: The biggest mistakes - and how to avoid them

There’s a lot of stuff and nonsense out there about what you should and shouldn’t do to build your business. I’m going to break down some of the most common mistakes I see folks making (and made myself!) so you can avoid them. 

7PM: Inspiration & Motivation

We all have days when you wonder if we can actually do this. ESPECIALLY if you’ve no business background or don’t see yourself reflected in the mainstream business community. So here I’m going to give you the inspiration to show you that you actually, honest to goodness CAN build a thriving business without having to become someone you’re not. And I’ve got the receipts to show it. 
Jo in blue jacket against wall of plants

I’m Jo Casey

In a world that tells you that hustle and noise are the only way to go, here you’ll find an alternative.

I’m the coach you come to when you’ve grown tired of the bro marketers with their obsessions over how big their funnels are and how early they get up every morning.

I help artisanal business owners (including coaches, makers, and healers) increase their revenue without compromising their values or sacrificing their wellbeing.

I’m a certified coach, speaker, trainer and host of The Business Not As Usual Podcast.  I’m allergic to marketing BS and I specialise in helping business owners like you get more clients and build meaningful, sustainable businesses without resorting to the dark arts or sleazy marketing tactics. 

I can help you get the word out about your work, own your message, your gifts and the impact you want to have – so that you get to be your version of success, in your own way. AND make great money along the way. 

I integrate business strategy, marketing, and aligned sales with self-development, growth, and personal actualisation.

I fully believe that we need a new way of doing business – one that allows us to create companies that are financially, emotionally and energetically sustainable. So that your business can be a gorgeous extension of yourself.  I also believe that when we find our perfect way of expressing ourselves in the world, we thrive – as does our business. 

If 2020 has left you feeling a bit WTF??? about your business, this 2-day event will provide the support, tools and inspiration to show you that you really can build your sustainable business so that if not only allows you to thrive financially but emotionally, energetically and ethically too.  

How To Access The Sessions


 All sessions will take place on zoom and you’ll be sent a link to join the sessions once you’re registered. 

You can attend all of them or just a couple – but I recommend you try and attend as many as you can live because you’ll have a chance to interact with me and get some personalised help on your business. 

And if you can’t make all of the sessions live, no worries – they’ll all be recorded and available for a limited time for you to view afterwards. 

So what are you waiting for? We’ve had to let go of a lot of things this year but your dream of having a successful, nourishing business success doesn’t have to be one of them. 

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