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Resilience For Oranisations - Train The Trainer Online Course
I started my business as a resilience trainer and coach smack bang in the middle of the last recession. While the demand for training overall declined in most subject areas,  the demand for one course in particular increased: resiliency skills.

You’re here because you expressed an interest in learning more about a new program I’m putting together that will show you how to design, market and deliver resiliency training workshops for organisations.

This video explains more.

Over six weeks we will focus on three main components:


Part 1 How to deliver the training materials including course design

You’ll be provided with a full-day in-person course plan, a half-day in-person course plan, and online virtual alternatives. We will look at the core materials and how you as the trainer can deliver them effectively. We’ll cover things like managing the group, ensuring the exercises achieve their intended outcomes (and how to check that they do), typical questions you might get from training recipients, as well as how to handle resistance,  learning styles and helping participants get the most out of your sessions.

Part 2 The material itself

We will go in-depth into the resiliency model, theory and practice of each of the components so that you can confidently deliver the material and adapt it to your own style.

This isn’t about you running a carbon copy of one of my workshops this is about you being able to own the material and deliver it your way while still maintaining excellent use outcomes. 

You’ll have full access to The Resilient Business Owner Course* that includes much of the core theory and practical exercises with supplemental teaching from me during the live course.


Part 3 How to market and promote resiliency to organisations

This will include pricing, writing proposals, production of training materials, handouts et cetera. We will look at different ways to market organisations and the best strategies to do so.

So by the end of the program, you will have not only the material and the confidence to deliver the training but you will have everything you need to be able to market and promote to organisations including messaging for the current climate.

There’s a minimum of 10 hours content in the course to cover all of the bases – and because this is a beta program there may be additional elements included as we go along. If we do need additional time there will be no additional charge.



£500 or 2 payments of £265 (stand-alone course)

£850 (course + one on one strategy session) 

Included in the price: 

6 weeks training

All materials including:

  • Worksheets you can provide to clients and course participants
  • Example training proposal 
  • Example marketing materials
  • Example Contract
  • A Trainer’s guide which outlines all of the exercises and content 
  • Example 1 day in-person workshop plan with timings
  • Example half-day in-person workshop plan with timings
  • Example 2 hour online workshop plan with timings
  • Example multi-part online course plan with timings
  • Access to The Resilient Business Owner online course*
  • Suggested reading list
  • Private Facebook group for ongoing support and guidance. 


*if you have already purchased the Resilient Business Owner Course please let me know and I’ll discount the equivalent amount from your course fee.

We start 5th June 2020 at 8pm UK time (3pm Eastern, noon Pacific) 

Because this is a Beta program, there are only 6 spaces in total available. Once the spaces are taken, I won’t be adding any more. When I run this course again, I anticipate it will be at least twice this price.  
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