Remember Why You're Doing This(1)


I want you to remember why you are doing this.

This crazy, out of step thing that’s building a coaching business.

I want you to remember why you are doing this – especially when it get’s hard or challenging or scary or tiring (all all of them at once)!

I’m struck (especially at this time of year) of the importance of reflection – and how it’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of busy, or task lists and goals and 10 point plans and all of the ‘work’ that goes into building a business. And how, while that stuff is all important, it’s also easy to lose sight of why we’re doing this. Why are we stretching our comfort zones like this? Why are we pushing ourselves into places that scare us – but we do them anyway. Why, why WHY???? are we doing this to ourselves when if can feel so hard and so vulnerable and so overwhelming?

But there is a very good reason why we’re doing this.

Remember Why YOU Are Doing This.

I want you to remember why you are really, doing this – and why it’s more than worth it carry on even though the growth pains and uncertainty that are all part of the  roller coaster of running a coaching business.

This episode is a little, heartfelt reminder of that.

Listen in here:


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