Ray Dodd
Ray Dodd is a Money and Business Coach who helps women earn life-changing amounts of money without having to compromise who they are. If you’re hearing the term ‘money and business coach’ and wincing a little – imagining fluffy talk of manifesting millions in your sleep, – prepare to have your fears soothed – because you’re in for a treat. Ray is a money coach with a difference. You won’t hear ‘just think good thoughts and watch the money come rolling in’ from her. Ray believes that money, business and taking up space are inextricably linked and that there’s a lot more to making money than just trying to manifesting it. On today’s podcast, we talk about Ray’s business journey from a lactation consultant and hypnobirthing practitioner to money and business coach.
We discuss why she’s so passionate about helping women make ‘life-changing amounts of money’ (take that patriarchy!), how she structures her working week and why contrary to what your fear might be telling you, people are still buying, hiring and making money right now. We also, of course, talk about what’s giving us joy right now.  

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