Attract Clients With Podcasts

Grow your income just by doing what you're already good at - being you
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You know you’re really good at what you do, so where are the clients???

(I mean, seriously – where are they?)


You’re following so much conflicting advice about what to do to attract clients.

You’re posting like a fiend on social media,

You’re trying to dream up enticing offers, funnels, and marketing strategies that don’t make you want to vomit.

It can be confusing, overwhelming and exhausting – and more often than not you’re being met by the thunderous sound of…silence.


You KNOW things need to change and you don’t want to spend even more time on social media. 

Your existing community (if you even have one) is tapped out and frankly, there HAS to be an easier way than shouting about your services on social media every day. 

Fortunately there is

How about…

♥ Clients coming to you rather than you having to chase them?

♥ New folks discovering you, without you having to do any of the heavy lifting?

♥ Knowing you can increase your reach, grow your community and seriously impact your bottom line – without an ounce of sleaziness or spending a penny on ads?

♥ Connecting with perfect fit clients simply by doing what you’re already brilliant at – being you?


Get more clients, income and impact – in just 7 days

What makes this course so special?


Attract Clients With Podcasts isn’t your typical e-course.

It not only teaches you how to strategically use podcasts to grow your client base, the nuts and bolts of how to actually get booked and rock your interviews but I’m ALSO going to make sure you get into actual ACTION.

(because you don’t want this to be yet another course that sits gathering dust in your digital filing cabinet aka hard drive.)

By the end of the 7-day course you’ll know EXACTLY how to:

  • Find podcasts that your perfect fit clients are likely to listen to
  • Craft a gorgeous, human, non-pushy (but still wildly effective) pitch email to the host.
  • Avoid the mistakes that around 95% of pitches make
  • Create your media kit one sheet (with gorgeous, customisable Canva template provided)
  • Show up as your best self for the interview in a way that’s going to position you in a way that anyone listening to it is going to this ‘oh, I need to work with this person’


And here’s the kicker – it’s not just going to be providing you with the information – it’s actually going to get you to take action. 

You’ll implement everything you learn as we go – so that by the end of the course you’ll not only have a repeatable plan you can use again and again but you will have actually pitched your first 3-5 podcasts.


Here’s why I LOVE being a podcast guest as a marketing strategy for coaches and healers:

Podcasts let you connect with potential clients in a way that is intimate and allows you to become a trusted part of their life.

Think about it – to consume a blog post or video, someone has to stop what they’re doing to read or watch it. 

When someone’s hearing you on a podcast, you’re accompanying them in their life – you’re in the car with them, out on a walk, in the bath (yes, I listen to podcasts in the bath.)

For someone to hire you, they need to know you, like you and trust you. There’s no better way to do this than appearing on a podcast. 

Getting booked as a podcast guest is easier than most people realise if you know how go about it the right way – which is what I’m going to show you in this course. 


Attract Clients With Podcasts mockup

How This Is Going To Work:

As soon as you sign up you’ll get access to the pre-course workbook so that you can get started right away on mapping out your goals and desired outcomes from the course. 

You’ll also have access to the private Facebook group for the course (this is where you can share your ideas and progress, brainstorm with other course participants and ask me questions.)

The course itself is be run across 3 pre-recorded workshops:


Workshop 1

We’ll focus on how to find your ideal podcasts to pitch to and I’ll introduce you to the Magical ideal 50 tracking sheet – where you’ll identify, assess and track 50 potential podcasts where your ideal clients are hanging out and what the best approach is for each of them (this will save you a TON of time)  

Workshop 2

I’ll show you how to create a winning guest pitch, and even provide you with some scripts of what to write. We’ll look at how to craft a beautiful Media Kit – including giving you a fully customisable Canva template for you to create your own in record time and look instantly professional and 

Workshop 3:

How to show up and not only be a GREAT guest but make sure your appearance maximises the opportunity to attract clients and grow your audience. You’ll also get an exclusive nerve buster guided hypnosis session mp3


If you hired a PR firm to do this for you it would cost upwards of $1000 per month

I’m going to teach you how to do this for yourself for only £150

This course was incredible. Jo clearly explains the benefits for my business, of being booked onto Podcasts and provides a very compelling outline of how this process works. She demystifies the ‘pitch’ formula and breaks it down in a very human way. Making a pitch under this framework felt congruent with my values and at no time felt ‘icky’ or ‘salesy’. I was able to very clearly outline the benefits that I could bring to different hosts audiences. This, coupled with an AMAZING Media Document, enabled me to make an approach to a podcast host I admired, and secure a guest spot almost immediately. It has also inspired me to start my own podcast which is launching next month. This course has given me confidence, strategy & most importantly feels full of integrity with the way that I want to conduct my business. Jo, I can’t thank you enough!’
Karen Marie Johnston

Self Love & Sobriety Coach, https://www.karenmariejohnston.com/

Hi I’m Jo Casey

I’m a business coach and mentor for coaches and holistic folks. I love appearing on podcasts and know first hand how powerful they are for attracting new people to my community and new clients for my business. I truly believe that appearing on other people’s podcasts is one of the most powerful and easy things you can do to grow your reach and increase your income.
Every time I appear on someone else’s podcast, I’ll get new people joining my Facebook group, signing up for my email list and reaching out to me about my services.

But not only am I a coach myself, I’m a podcast host too. That means I have a unique insight into what podcast hosts are looking for when considering a guest for their show – AND I’m subjected to dozen of TERRIBLE guest pitches every month. Even from professional PR firms. So I know on the one hand how powerful being a guest on a podcast can be and also know how to avoid the common (oh sooooo common!) mistakes that most people are making when it comes to pitching themselves.


Imagine you had a way to generate client enquiries on demand.


That’s the power of strategically using podcasts as part of your marketing strategy. 



If you’re ready to build your platform, attract more clients and ramp up your momentum there’s never been a better time to start.

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