why coaches need to learn to love marketing

In this episode I’m going to tell you why coaches need to learn to love marketing

I don’t care if you’re a life coach, health coach or any other sort of holistic, service based person who uses coaching in their arsenal – if you want to run a successful business – one that makes you money and allows you to do this amazing thing called coaches, you need to market. So you may as well learn to love it – Am I right?

Even cooler, I’m going to show you how marketing needn’t be the sleazy manipulative thing Bill Hicks railed against – it can be beautiful, heartfelt and a force for social good.

In fact, I’m so passionately convinced about just why coaches need learn to love marketing that I’ve produced a special download that will guide you through a process of falling head over heels in love with the m word. Not only will you still respect yourself in the morning, your business and your clients will thank you too.


I’ve created a groovy little worksheet for you to bust through any unhelpful beliefs you have around marketing yourself and your coaching. AND it’s something you can adapt and use to help clients get past any unhelpful beliefs they’re carrying – double whammy!


Listen to the podcast here:


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