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The Meaningful Business Podcast is the place for conversations filled with fierce love about the stuff that matters – our work, our lives, and how we can create businesses that are meaningful, genuinely empowering and nudging the needle of change towards kindness.

It’s a place for service-based businesses (Life Coaches, Healers, Consultants, and Holistic folk) to learn how to build their businesses in a way that’s ethical, soulful & filled to the brim with integrity, heart and good humor. It’s for folks who want to put the ‘why’ at the heart of their business (actually, they don’t know how to do it any other way)

Every week we have a conversation about an aspect of coaching, marketing or the wider culture in which we’re doing our work. We discuss everything from politics to promotion, mindset to culture making.

It’s the place where we demand a better way of doing business and a better way of relating to one another as humans in a digital world.

We’re on the progressive side politically and we want to do good in the world through our businesses.

The podcast focuses on the nuts and bolts of launching and running a successful, sustainable business alongside the mindset and resilience work needed to stay connected, focused and nourished as we travel along this path.

Stuff we say ‘yay!’ to:

Feminism, email funnels, social justice, intersectionality, ethical marketing, healing, kindness, resilience, Netflix marathons, community, deep conversations, continually learning, staying curious, a bit of swearing, nerding out, being a good human.

Stuff we say ‘boo!’ to:

Focusing only on the bottom line, sleazy and manipulative marketing, shouty internet campaigns, shaming in all forms, racism, sexism, ableism, being a dick.

What we discuss (and more)

  • Non-manipulative marketing strategies
  • Creating a meaningful business & a meaningful life
  • Feminism and entrepreneurship
  • Building your body of work
  • Business sustainabilty
  • How to attract more clients
  • Gathering your community
  • Person-centered  marketing
  • Creating our own rules
  • Selling your services without selling your soul (or selling others out)

Recent Episodes:


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About MBTI As A Business Owner

Today, we talk about how the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI ®) can help you as a business owner. Holly Worton (my monthly podcast buddy) and I are big of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but did you know that I've actually trained in this, and used to facilitate...

Having A Generous Plan For Your Body And Your Business

  A Generous Plan For Your Body And Your Business. Far too many business owners (especially women) hold themselves back because of how they feel about their bodies. But what if you could have a generous plan for both your body and your business? As meaningful business...

Hate Marketing? I Can Show You How To Love It

Do you hate marketing? I used to too. And we're not alone in this. The thing is, to have a business, we need to market - good news? You can also learn to not just tolerate marketing but positively love it There’s just no getting around it - if you want to have a...

Lara Heacock Believes Kindness Can Be Radical & World Changing

Lara Heacock Believes Kindness Can Be Radical & World Changing. Lara has built her life and her business with kindness placed firmly at the center of it. But when she talks about kindness, she’s not talking about fluffy kittens - she talks about boundaries, tough...

How To Use Your Inner Compass To Find Your Perfect Business Model

How do you find your perfect business model? It's not a one size fits all proposition (despite what many an internet marketer will tell you!) So how about you do it from your soul using your inner compass? Have you ever bought a 'blueprint' from someone how to build...

31 Meaningful Marketing Actions – PT 2

Marketing can feel all-consuming and exhausting - there are so many different options that you could spend ALL of your time on marketing and never have any time to do any client work. And if you’re just starting out it can be hard to know what to focus on when. It’s...

31 Meaningful Marketing Actions – Part 1

31 meaningful marketing actions that will save you time, raise your profile and connect with your clients - without being shouty or sleazy. Doesn't that sound good? Marketing can be a time-consuming energy suck. You know you're meant to do it but it often feels sleazy...

Welcome To The Meaningful Business Podcast

No, we're not moving, leaving or abandoning you - but we are expanding! The Work Happy Coaching Podcast is evolving into The Meaningful Business Podcast. In this episode, I'll explain what brought about the change, what you can expect (it's all good!) and how you can...

Andrea Owen Knows How We Can All Stop Feeling Like Sh*T

I recently interviewed Andrea Owen about her latest book – and it was awesome. Andrea is funny and honest in a way that only someone who has spent time REALLY getting to grips with the ridiculousness, beauty and pain of life can. You might remember that I've...

A Simple Practice To Release The Old & Welcome In The New Year

I'm no fan of new years resolutions (too much pressure. too much ....Rrrraaaaahhhhh! energy!) But I AM a fan of marking and honoring transitions. Look, I know the Gregorian calendar is a relatively modern invention and the transitioning from one year to the next is...

How To Set Up (& Hold) Good Boundaries For Your Business

Today, Holly Worton and I talk how to have good boundaries for your business. This is such an important topic, and yet I don't see people talking about it often enough. This is kind of an extended episode, much longer than our usual 30 minutes. We decided that we had...

The Road To A Successful Coaching Business with Jessica Nazarali

Building a successful coaching business can feel isolating, lonely and at times, rather repetitive. It can mess with our heads, our emotions and our decisions can seem to change quicker than the British weather ( that's a lot!) The need for human connection, community...

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