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The Meaningful Business Podcast is the place for conversations filled with fierce love about the stuff that matters – our work, our lives, and how we can create businesses that are meaningful, genuinely empowering and nudging the needle of change towards kindness.

It’s a place for service-based businesses (Life Coaches, Healers, Consultants, and Holistic folk) to learn how to build their businesses in a way that’s ethical, soulful & filled to the brim with integrity, heart and good humor. It’s for folks who want to put the ‘why’ at the heart of their business (actually, they don’t know how to do it any other way)

Every week we have a conversation about an aspect of coaching, marketing or the wider culture in which we’re doing our work. We discuss everything from politics to promotion, mindset to culture making.

It’s the place where we demand a better way of doing business and a better way of relating to one another as humans in a digital world.

We’re on the progressive side politically and we want to do good in the world through our businesses.

The podcast focuses on the nuts and bolts of launching and running a successful, sustainable business alongside the mindset and resilience work needed to stay connected, focused and nourished as we travel along this path.

Stuff we say ‘yay!’ to:

Feminism, email funnels, social justice, intersectionality, ethical marketing, healing, kindness, resilience, Netflix marathons, community, deep conversations, continually learning, staying curious, a bit of swearing, nerding out, being a good human.

Stuff we say ‘boo!’ to:

Focusing only on the bottom line, sleazy and manipulative marketing, shouty internet campaigns, shaming in all forms, racism, sexism, ableism, being a dick.

What we discuss (and more)

  • Non-manipulative marketing strategies
  • Creating a meaningful business & a meaningful life
  • Feminism and entrepreneurship
  • Building your body of work
  • Business sustainabilty
  • How to attract more clients
  • Gathering your community
  • Person-centered  marketing
  • Creating our own rules
  • Selling your services without selling your soul (or selling others out)

Recent Episodes:


Intuition And Spirit Guides With Holly Worton

    OK, I'll admit it - while I have been LOVING my conversations with Holly Worton (find our previous woo series episodes here and here, This one had me leaning WAY into my woo edge!    Today, we talk about spirit guides, our higher self, and tapping...

How To Build Communities That Build Your Business with Eli Trier

  Eli Trier is a community building mentor and connector of kindred spirits. She helps quiet revolutionaries to get connected and build communities so that they can make a massive impact with their business, find their 'right people', and make their corner of the...

Kyla Roma on Minimalist Marketing & Magic Sales Pumpkins

 Kyla Roma is a Canadian business coach to small business owners who want an organized, manageable way to run their business.  I'm going to be honest here - Kyla Roma is one of my favorite people on the internet. She's warm, strategic, 100% gimmick free - and...

Theresa Fowler – The Thought Shifter

 Theresa Fowler goes by the name of The Thought Shifter - because that's exactly what she's in the business of - helping women to put themselves first so they can fully heal and reconnect to their joy.  In this conversation, Theresa shares her own journey into...

The Business Of Woo

  I'm very pleased to be back with another co-hosted episode with the fabulous Holly Worton. Holly and I have been doing co-hosted monthly episodes for a couple of years now but it’s been a few months since we did an episode together...in fact, our last one was...

Nature, Trees & Tapping Into Your Intuition

  Holly Worton and I are back with another woo-based episode, which is kind of the theme for our new season of podcasting together. Today’s episode is all about how to connect with yourself through connecting with Nature, which has been a big journey for both of...

How To Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace

How to stand out in a crowded marketplace? How do we remain authentic and heartfelt AND be unmissable? (without shouting?) You already have the answers. The Meaningful Business Podcast Is BACK!!!!! The MBA podcast returns and I've got some treats in store for this...

How to grow a business when the world is burning

It's been a really fucking awful week. In an age of fear, bigotry, and fascism on the rise, seeing children in cages was a new low for an already horrible regime. With Brexit still on course to wreck it's cultural and economic destruction in my own country, the...

Embracing The New Era Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is changing - and this is a good thing.  For a LONG time, there's been a certain set of norms and practices in the online marketing world when I came to building communities. Namely - you have to build a big list of subscribers so that you can sell...

Reframing Value: how to make more money in a way that feels good

One of the things many of us struggle with is the conundrum of how to make more money in a way that feels good - especially in a world that feels so unequal and unfair. Many heart-centered folks really struggle with the concept of charging rates that allow them to...

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