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Create an ethical coaching or healing practice that’s also a sustainable business

Without burning yourself out or abandoning your principles

You + Me = Partners In Crime

Results = a sustainable business & the confidence to shine

If you feel like there’s something wrong with the online business world, you’re not alone. 

Promises of internet riches (so long as you buy the program, follow the blueprint, or ‘invest in yourself’ – e.g. pay a coach a ton of cash.)

Supposedly easy answers to complex challenges.

An emphasis on hustle, 16 hour days, and rampant individualism.

And when it turns out to be way more complex and nuanced than the gurus would have us believe, we’re left feeling disillusioned, exhausted and taken advantage of.

You don’t need a guru and there is no one blueprint that lays it all out and guarantees results. You need results.*

We need a change of paradigm: One that places you and your innate skills and power at the heart of the equation. 

You can create a business that reflects your values and vision and is something that has depth, power and can shake the whole world.

YOU get to set the rules and create a business that sustains you financially, emotionally and energetically.

And the good news? You don’t have to do it alone.


Here’s what I know beyond a shadow of a doubt: 

You deserve:

A business that gives you a solid income and steady stream of clients that are ready and able to commit to working with you…

That gives you chance to do your work, share your genius, and contribute to the important conversations of our world (courage, justice, self-actualization)…

That fits into your life (not that steals all of your waking hours, energy, and optimism)…

AND…that’s a helluva lot of fun to boot (because otherwise, what’s the point???)


For that to happen, you need:

A clear message so that clients know exactly how you’re going to help them and why they should hire you

A plan to bring in clients and regular income for services that play to your strengths

A container that allows you to work through the inevitable emotional impact of being visible and overcome the blocks that keep you from sharing your brilliance

Packages that amazing clients want, need, and are willing to pay for (and that get you out of the constant hustle for clients cycle)

Ongoing support to own your brilliance and protect your energy as you grow a meaningful, ethical, aligned-to-you business

Here’s what I know:

Growing a SUSTAINABLE coaching business can be hard. There are a LOT of false promises out there about instant 6 figure coaching businesses and easy step-by-step systems.

There are easier ways to make a living BUT…there isn’t anything more rewarding than running your own show.

With the right strategy, focus, and support you can make this work for you – in a way that’s ethical, nourishing, and soul-feeding.

I’ll Help You Get Out Of Overwhelm + Into Action

Partner In Crime is my ongoing coaching program to get you to the coaching practice you crave (and deserve)

It’s about:

  • A sustainable business (financially, energetically and emotionally) with the security of knowing you have a solid foundation and tools to generate income and attract clients.
  • Charging (and getting) rates you can live thrive on.
  • Getting comfortable being visible, stepping out and promoting yourself and your business.
    Growing your business, spreading your message and getting to do ‘your thing’ in the world.

We will dive in and craft your message, clarify who you want to work with, co-write copy for your website, marketing materials, and social media updates. We’ll look at your pricing, packages and strategy for sustainable growth.

We won’t ignore the fears, the ways you’re keeping yourself small, the uncertainties. We’ll deal with them head on so that you don’t freeze and get stuck in paralysis.

We’ll design you a flexible plan you can stick to so that you can focus your actions on what will get you results so that you can tune out the distractions of the shiny objects on the internet and channel your energies where they are most effective.


More than anything, I’ll support you every step of the way so that you can THRIVE in the business you are meant to have.

I’ve just done my accounts and this month alone I earned 15x what I earned the month we started working together. Eli Trier

Community Builder, Eli Trier Communities

Investment = $2750 or 4 monthly payments of $690

Click this button to book a complimentary 30 minute Clarity + fit session & let’s see if we’re a good fit and this is the right move for you.

Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You’re struggling to get a steady stream (or even a trickle) of paying clients you enjoy working with
You’ve signed up for courses and downloaded e-books, wrestled websites and started blogging but can’t seem to get any traction. And if you receive one more email telling you how easy it is to enroll high paying clients you may well scream
You’re totally overwhelmed/confused/pissed off with the amount of crap out there about building a six figure business just a few months
You want to build a business that feels aligned, filled with integrity and reflects YOU. You don’t want to spend your time engaging in marketing tactics that leave you feeling like you need a Silkwood shower afterwards!
Deep down you wonder in the sceptics are right – maybe the market has peaked, no-one’s making money unless they’re selling stuff to other coaches, and the whole shebang is a big pyramid scheme.

It's easy to feel burned and disheartened by this industry.

I'm not going to BS you & tell you it's all unicorns, rainbows & Mai Tais on the beach.
But it is 100% do-able, achievable, rewarding AND within your grasp. 


More clients + opportunities to do your work in the world
A business that is crafted around your strengths, expertise, and passions instead of trying to fit into someone else’s blueprint
Being able to comfortably talk about your services and enrol more clients (all while feeling good about yourself and NOT like a used car salesman)
The security of knowing you’ve mastered the key skills needed to grow your business exponentially
Having a business that reflects who YOU are and what YOU stand for
The reassurance that you have a sustainable business and reliable income – no more worrying about how you’ll pay the bills or where the next client’s coming from



Listen to what Life Coach Brigid Dineen says about her experience of Partner In Crime

Create Serious Momentum For Your Business

and implement the right things and the right time to build the right business for you.

The Practicalities AKA how this works:



6 x 60 minute coaching sessions

To stay focused,motivated, and supported

A complimentary six month membership to The Meaningful Business Academy

Where  you’ll get exclusive training videos, audios, worksheets, and resources 

Business Strategy + Personal Growth

So that you not only grow your business but do the personal work to overcome our collective Feminine Conditioning

Hands on Copywriting Support

While you’ll do the bulk of the actual writing, I’ll be right alongside helping you structure, make edits, and generally create copy that resonates with your best clients  

Investment = $2750 or 4 monthly payments of $690

Click this button to book a complimentary 30 minute Clarity + fit session & let’s see if we’re a good fit and this is the right move for you.






Listen to what Coach Janine Esbrand says about her experience of Partner In Crime

Jo, working with you changed EVERYTHING. You took me from sitting in my beautiful home office with no clients to having a real business. Julie Abel

Life Coach, Julie Abel Coaching

If you're ready to take your coaching business onto a solid, sustainable footing, let's talk

Investment = $2750 or 4 monthly payments of $690

Click this button to book a complimentary 30 minute Clarity + fit session & let’s see if we’re a good fit and this is the right move for you.