out of alignment or deep in fear

Sometimes we move forward in our businesses with ease and other times…not so much. It can show up with a feeling of stuckness and like everything is out of whack. it can feel confusing to know whether this is due to the fact that you are genuinely out of alignment or deep in fear? (because that sucker is a sneaky MF)

Every month I co-host a podcast episode with Business Mindset Coach, Holly Worton. And today’s episode was inspired by a post that someone made in my Holly’s  Facebook group:

Hey Holly, I’ve been thinking about something just lately, and wondered if anyone has some thoughts about this?
When you’re not making the progress you want in your business, how do you know if:

  1. You’re reluctant to move out of your comfort zone and step up (in which case, it may be worth pursuing, gently); or
    2. What you want to do (or think you should do) is out of alignment with your values (in which case it should probably be abandoned)?

Both these situations can feel like fear, reluctance, or lead to procrastination. How do you tell the difference if it feels ‘off’ but you’re not quite sure why?

This is something I’d love to hear you and Jo discuss on the podcast!

Today, using Holly herself as an example, we talk about the difference between misalignment and fear. Some people can “solve” this dilemma using logic, but those of us who are more intuitive can really struggle with being in this type of situation. The differences are very subtle, and it’s worth digging deeper into this topic to get clarity on what’s exactly going on so we can know exactly what to do.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to determine whether you’re experiencing being out of alignment or deep in fear
  • How to tap into the feeling behind what’s going on
  • How Holly worked through the murky months in her business
  • Holly’s journey from doubt to clarity on my business path
  • How Holly identified the difference between fear and misalignment in her own business
  • How to move forward even when you’re not 100% clear
  • The questions you need to ask yourself to get clear on whether or not you’re in alignment
  • How this fits in with the Why behind your business
  • How to get clear on what type of fear you’re experiencing + the questions you need to ask yourself
  • The things you need to pay attention to when you’re taking action

Things We Discussed

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