Jo & Holly – Should you only take action if it’s a Hell Yeah ?

Every month, Holly Worton from the Business Mindset Podcast and I discuss a hot topic in the coaching industry. This month, we talk about business tasks and activities – and whether you should only be doing things in your business that feel really, really good – and leave the rest to focus on your ‘zone of genius’. You see, there’s this idea going around that if something isn’t a “HELL YEAH” then don’t do it. You see it on Facebook walls, Pinterest boards and there have been countless blog posts devoted to it.


Should You Only Take Action if it's a HELL YEAH?
Should you only take action if it's a 'hell yeah'? Sometimes it's not that simple

We understand where that might be coming from, and we explain how we feel about it and how to approach those tasks that DON’T feel like a “HELL YEAH”.

In this bonus monthly episode, Holly Worton From The Business Mindset Podcast and I discuss why we feel this is a false choice – and not a helpful one. We’re going to share our own experiences of the things in our businesses that are Hell Yeah’s – and why we continue to do many things that initially feel like a ‘Hell No’.

What we discuss in this episode on whether you should only take action if it’s a HELL YEAH

  • Especially when it comes to business tasks, should you only take action if it’s a hell yeah?
  • How to navigate your feelings around business actions (especially if they’re not things you’re wild about)
  • How to tell the difference between something that’s genuinely not aligned and something that’s just scary
  • The important questions you need to ask yourself – especially when you feel confused and like there’s not a lot of ‘hell yeah’ around.
  • Is it really okay to be a multipassionate entrepreneur? If so, how do you manage it and still get stuff done?
  • Why Hell Yeah/Hell No is running your business from a very emotional place – and why it’s not always enough.

People & Things We Discussed:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 

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