Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You’re blogging, networking in Facebook groups, sending out emails – maybe even started a podcast. And you thought that if not internet riches, at least regular paying clients would be coming your way. But instead your calendar is as empty as Chris Christie’s soul – dark, hopeless and very lonely.

You’re throwing a LOT of spaghetti at the marketing wall desperate to find something that sticks (without a lot of results) 

You spend an age staring at a blank screen trying to write blog posts because you’re just not sure what to focus on

You get polite (yet confused) smiles from people whenever you try and explain what you do (“Oh you’re a coach – what sport?”)

You’ve got so SO much to offer the world but you hate the idea of choosing a niche (or you’ve chosen one but it feels restrictive – like you’re wearing someone elses’ clothes – it just isn’t really you)

Theres' a way to do this

that honours you and your clients

You don’t have to pick a niche.


Too often the advice for coaches is to choose a niche before they can really do their work in the world – which leaves people struggling to choose something unique and specific and ends up feeling like you’ve gone for the novelty option (I work with tap dancing banjo players!!!)

That’s because a niche isn’t something you find or even needs to be based on old school marketing demographics (age, gender, income, location, the newspaper they read, websites they visit …..yawn). You don’t need to restrict yourself.

You can work with as many different types of people as you like. The problem arises when it comes to getting people to buy your coaching services.

To get people to hire you as their coach, what people DO need is clarity about what you can help them with.


People don't buy coaching.

They buy the solutions, experiences and possibilities that coaching gives them.

And you honest truth is that if you can’t explain that solution – you’re going to struggle to get people to hire you. It sucks, and it’s unfair but there it is.

So Niche Relief is designed to get you over that hurdle – to help you hone in on who you do your best work with (your niche), what messages will speak to them, how you can do it ethically and still stand out in a crowded coaching marketplace.

And we do this all without selling your soul or pretending to be anyone other than the wondrous being you are.


So Instead Of Feeling Like You’re Bashing Your Head Against A Very Hard Object Everyday, How About This Instead?

Clients you don’t have to convince

Being able to easily and comfortably explain what you do (Put end to feeling tongue tied at networking meetings – Yay!)

More ease around marketing, visibility and promoting your services 

No more acting on a wing and a prayer – focused action all the way from here on in

I am so excited that we figured out my niche. You have no idea what a load off that is, plus super excited that I can move forward in my business!

Kristin Bornstein

Therapist & Life Coach, Empower Yourself Life Coaching

I feel fabulous – you “got” me and supported me from minute one. You were so easy to talk with. I loved your ideas and how you supported me. My mind is at ease and ready to really go full force into my coaching – I have a plan and am ready to rock the next year.

Lisa Panos

Life & Relationship Coach, Lisa Panos

Our Session Will Get You Super Clear On Who Your Ideal Client is – And How You Can Attract Her

Clients that you don’t need to convince – who read your sales pages, visit your blog and open your emails thinking ‘it’s like she’s reading my mind’.

Interested? Groovy – Here’s How It Works

Once you sign up you’ll be sent my ‘Customers you have at ‘hello’ workbook so you can start the process of diving deep and uncovering the gems and raw material we’ll use on our session right away. 

We’ll ‘meet’ via Skype for 45minutes. This session is deep, supportive and strategic with the sole aim of getting you some much-needed clarity around who you do your best work with and what they need to hear before they hire you.

Depending on how fast we identify your niche and message, we’ll may also l brainstorm blog post ideas aimed at those clients along with ideas for a compelling opt- in offer (to entice people to sign up for your newsletter) – all while we’re on the call. 

You walk away with clarity, a deep understanding your ideal client, your key messages AND content ideas to see you through the next 3 months.

You’ll receive a recording of our call (so you can go back to it again and again to make sure you get ALL the wisdom out of it), and have the chance to email me to review any changes you make to your copy and website for additional feedback and suggestions within 7 days of us working together.

Investment = £200

Before working with Jo I was feeling a little unsure, a little confused/vague about my coaching brand and marketing myself. I was struggling with the idea of redesigning my website, marketing, and not wanting to pick a niche

Afterwards I felt much clearer. I walked away with some action steps to take, and that felt really good!

As a result I came up with some copy for my website (on the call!), realized that marketing can be as simple as creating resonance with people through writing (which I already love doing!) received some tips on sites to possibly guest blog through (to reach a wider audience so that I can help/serve more people) realized I DO have a niche in helping people be confident in being themselves.

I am most excited to put myself out there so that I can help other people put themselves out there!

Tasha Dalrymple

Life Coach, Wide Open Life Coaching

Before our coaching session I was feeling confused and stuck, the thing about finding a niche kept me from actually doing my work. After working with Jo?

Bring it on! I am on the way to get my groove back. I have a plan for the next best step and am excited about loving my work again.

Daggi Bayer

Certified Coach, Daggi Bayer

Working with Jo, in just one coaching session, gave me a laser-focus to growing my coaching practice.  I had been trying every tip and technique in the book and running myself ragged with dismal results. Now I feel so clear-I can already visualize a more authentic ME being built!  Thanks so much for your valuable insight and getting me back on a path of ease instead of struggle.

Rose Forbes

Life Coach, Journey To Forgive Coaching

Investment = £200

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