Lara Heacock Believes Kindness Can Be Radical & World-Changing
Holly Worton and I are back with another woo-based episode, which is kind of the theme for our new season of podcasting together. Today’s episode is all about how to connect with yourself through connecting with Nature, which has been a big journey for both of us. We share our own personal journeys, including how we’ve connected with Nature, and how you might want to get started deepening your own connection with Nature.

As a woo adjacent person, I found this conversation both enlightening and inspiring (plus I kind of out myself as a straight edge who talks to trees!)

What You’ll Learn


  • What our own personal journeys in connecting with Nature have looked like
  • Whether the land has a feeling, and how to connect with that
  • What happens when we’re disconnected from Nature
  • What it means to connect with Nature and how to do it
  • Why we should even bother: the benefits of connecting with Nature
  • Whether or not this is for everyone: should everyone connect with Nature?
  • Whether or not you have to spend hours hiking every weekend, or if there are other ways of doing it
  • Whether or not it matters what sort of Nature you hang out in
  • If some places are more ‘magical’ than others
  • Where to go? When to go? What to do?
  • How to get started connecting with Nature
  • How to know if you’re doing it “right”

Things We Mention:


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