How To Thrive In The Messy Middle of Business Building

So you’re in the messy middle of building your business and it’s hard! Holly Worton and I are back with a joint episode and we’re going to share our recent experiences of being in a messy middle phase of business building.

Business growth isn’t a straight line. It has ups, downs, dips and turns. Hopefully, the trajectory is upwards but tends to resemble a helter skelter to the sky rather than a ladder! And for that reason it’s intense and we don’t share the real face of that experience enough – and that leads to shame and people feeling like they’re the only one’s not having six figure launches and living a laptop lifestyle. And the truth is, for the vast majority of business owners, it’s never smooth sailing. And that’s OK – it’s life.

We talk about how why no one tells you how hard it is in business. We delve into the messy middle that we discussed on our last joint episode and give you solid tips on how to get through it so you can build your business more easily.


What You’ll Learn

 Why no one tells you just how hard it is

 How to recognize when you’re in the messy middle so you can do something about it

 What the icky bits have looked like for us

 How you can develop more resiliency to get past the messy middle with ease

 How to stay positive while still keeping it realistic

 Why entrepreneurship involves a constant state of expansion and growth

 How to deal with the ache after the growth when we step outside our comfort zone

Things We Discussed in this episode about how to thrive in the messy middle of building your business

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