Marc Mawhinney

Marc Mawhinney and I work in a similar niche – but we come at it from slightly different perspectives, have our own approaches and are also online friends (which is proof that competition online is unnecessary and there really is room for everyone.) Marc also has a daily podcast just for coaches. As someone who obviously has their own podcast I know first hand just how much work goes into them – and the very idea of doing one every day makes my head spin!

He also specializes in working with coaches and helping them build sustainable, thriving practices, a bit like me. He is from a different part of the world. He’s from Canada and we’ve been connected with social media but this is my first time having a proper conversation with Marc Mawhinney and I’m really excited to share his work with you.

Marc Mawhinney how to use podcasting to build your coaching biz
In this episode we discuss:

  • The benefits of hosting your own podcast
  • How Marc manages to release a podcast episode every day
  • The surprising trick that he used to name his show
  • The transition that Marc made into coaching after his real estate business came crashing down around him
  • How he narrowed in on his niche to focus on working with coaches
  • Finding the right blend of intuition and strategy in coaching
  • Why you need a sales funnel in your coaching business
  • Why Marc doesn’t recommend doing free or discounted coaching with people when you’re starting out
  • The mindset shift of charging for time versus charging for value
  • Why Marc works with clients for a minimum of 3 months and why it can be good to put a cap on the maximum length of time you’ll work with a client
  • The common pitfalls he sees many coaches falling into


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