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How do you market yourself right now? With Love and Badassery according to my guest Helen Tremethick.

Is it still OK to sell and promote our services right now? If so, how to we do it without sounding like an insensitive a-hole?  These are just some of the questions Brand voice strategist Helen Tremethick and I dive into in today’s episode of the business NOT as usual podcast.  We talk about how Helen’s business is being impacted by the current lockdown and how operating in the liminal of stay at home orders is impacting us all emotionally.  We discuss why it’s so important that we still keep on marketing and promoting our businesses AND that there’s a whole heap of clear blue water between promoting with integrity and being a slimy d*ck selling knock-off face masks.  We discuss why Helen recommends finding your own voice when it comes to talking about your business rather than following a blueprint or template and how you can start to do so.  Finally, she tells us about her exciting free project that starts on the 1st May all about how we find our own authentic voice as business owners, called Love and Badassery.   

About Helen Tremethick 

  Helen is a sought-after brand voice strategist and copy coach whose approach to communications is rooted in clarity, simplicity, and relationship with the audience. She helps scaling entrepreneurs and small businesses find the right words to move their businesses into the next sphere of their work with just the right amount of love and badassery. Since 2010, Helen’s work has influenced and helped hundreds of business owners find their voice and garner more traction in the online marketplace. She is also the creator of a content development methodology that she has been teaching to entrepreneurs, innovation centres, and the corporate sector since early 2014. Helen is the CEO of The Communications Distillery, a boutique brand voice studio located in an old farmhouse in the middle of the Ontario countryside, which means if you ever hop on a coaching call with her, you may hear roosters.    You can find more about Helen at communicationsdistillery.com or join her free community project Love & Badassery at loveandbadassery.com
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