Welcome to day 3 of this special audio series designed to create some serious traction in your coaching business for 2015 – overcoming your fear of charging for your services.

This is one that comes up so many times for new and emerging coaches and was something I thought I was going to personally struggle with FOREVER!

Thankfully I managed to work a lot of this stuff out over the years – it still jumps up and bites me now and then, but these days I see absolutely nothing wrong with charging a decent amount of money for my work. BIG progress! So that’s what we’re talking about today – how you can make the shift to be able to charge a proper amount for your work, without feeling like a fraud, charlatan or part of the 1%


I Want Your Thoughts!

Leave a comment below and let me know where your struggles with money and charging for your services lie  – I’ll reply personally, pinky promise!

Listen in here:


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