Today’s Guest – Lara Heacock from Kind Over Matter and I talk kindness in business

Lara Heacock is a life coach and head honcho over at Kind Over Matter  and I’ve the honour of called her a friend. Lara’s business is all about kindness – and in particular how practicing kindness towards yourself is the key to unlocking a quality of life and level of success you only dreamed of. So when it came to the topic of kindness is business I knew she was the woman to call.


Kindness feels like it’s much needed right now. In a week that’s seen Donald Trump and his brand of divisive, racist nastiness grow from strength to strength and when ISIS terrorists planted bombs for maximum death toll in Brussels, it can feel like there’s a real absence of kindness right now.

But I know that’s not true.

Kindness is everywhere – in the people who helped in the aftermath of the bombings, to those who called for reason even in the face of fear and terror and to people like my podcast guest today. It’s in the faces of my daughter and her cousin playing outside in the sunshine today – helping one another, laughing, teaching each other new songs, sharing a bag of crisps.

And it’s in our businesses. I know so many people who are wanting to put more kindness out there in the world – in their work and in their dealings with their fellow humans. So while it’s easy to see the world as a scary and unkind place, it’s also important to focus in on what we can control and how we play our part in things – even in the day to day runnings of our businesses and our lives.

Things we discuss in today’s episode on Kindness in Business:

  • How setting boundaries is a kind thing to do – for yourself and your clients
  • Why so many of us are WAY better at being kind to other people than we our to ourselves
  • Why kindness in business is the mother skills and applies both to yourself as well as your clients
  • Why practicing what you preach will not only keep you in integrity but expand your business.


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