Lara Heacock Believes Kindness Can Be Radical & World-Changing
Kyla Roma is a Canadian business coach to small business owners who want an organized, manageable way to run their business.  I’m going to be honest here – Kyla Roma is one of my favorite people on the internet. She’s warm, strategic, 100% gimmick free – and human.
She’s all about developing a business that’s based on your needs and not about what the latest guru is telling you to do – so she totally speaks my language.

Kyla is very open about the fact that she’s a human being – and in a world where cultivated perfection and always sunny lives are the norm online, this makes her story and approach even more refreshing.  She’s a Mum (to one small human, 2 dogs, and a hedgehog!) and  someone who manages long term anxiety and depression. Her experience and circumstances have led her business to evolve and shape itself around her – prompting her to find innovative ways to use strategy and technology to create a business that fits hand in glove with her needs financially, emotionally and logistically.  
My own journey with running a business while managing chronic anxiety/depression means I appreciate even more those people like Kyla Roma who are modelling how this can be done. Seeing her show up so fully –  smart, funny and real is inspiring.   In our conversation we talk about what led her to make the decisions she has in her business, where she sees so many entrepreneurs going wrong, how we can create businesses where the outside match our insides and why we all keep searching for the elusive magic sales pumpkin!  Since 2009 Kyla has been a trusted advisor to hundreds of businesses, and creative entrepreneurs who are passionate, discerning, and thoughtful.  You can find out more about her work at https://www.kylaroma.com and follow her on Instagram (she has a wickedly good instagram feed) 


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