Hiya, I'm Jo

I help women coaches and healers create businesses that a profitable, peaceful and meaningful. 

Because the world needs you.

No seriously, it does. 

The world needs kind, service driven women raising their voices. That includes you.


Your work is important. No matter what the voice inside your head or the ones on social media might tell you – you have important things to say and vital work to do.

If the past few years in politics has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t afford to mess around anymore.



Here’s what I want you to know deep in your bones…

When you have clarity (of what you’re offering to and to who) combined with the confidence of knowing your strengths, skills, and gifts AND a container that supports your personal growth and development 


You can develop a plan that’s built around you – your unique skills, passions + values.

Finding clients is no longer a chore. It’s a natural, enjoyable part of your business. You can get out of the hustle. You don’t need to put on a shiny, happy mask – or pretend to be someone you’re not (someone the internet tells you-you should be).

You can relax some, find a place of ease, create a business that reflects all of who you are – and meets your needs and those of your clients.

Influences:  My work is heavily influenced by the teachers and mentors I’ve worked with and been inspired by along the way. People like Kelly Diels,  Chris and Glenda Grimsley, Tara Gentile, Lara HeacockKate Courageous, and Tanya Giesler,

Patronus: Lesley Knope

Fantasy Dinner Party Guests:

Maya Angelou, Stephen Fry, Trevor Noah, Caitlin Moran, Tina Fey, Woody Guthrie, Rob Bell, David Tennant, Naomi Klein, Chauncey Devega, The Obamas, Carrie Fisher, Russell T Davies, Sandi Toksvig, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jon Lovett, Oprah, Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen.

(OK – So it would be a BIG dinner party)


(in no particular order):

Things that make me swoon …

Things that make me sad, gag, rage or all three …

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My "Proper" Bio

The one I put on my resume

I’ve over 20 years experience of working as a trainer and consultant in the corporate, public and third sectors. My flashy clients and workplaces have included Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC), The NHS, BT, Toyota Motors, Peugeot Business School, The Welsh Assembly Government, The Girl Guides UK, Vets4Pets/Companion Care, several Local Government Authorities, and The Department Of Work And Pensions (DwP). But I’ve also worked with many no less wonderful smaller ventures, micro businesses and SME’s .

I’m a self-confessed nerd and have taught at college and university levels and am a visiting lecturer at the University of Chester.

I’ve a Masters Degree is in Coaching and Organizational Development and I’m an NLP Master Practitioner, MBTI qualified professional certified Emotional Intelligence EQi 2.0 consultant.

I’ve been coaching for almost 20 years now – clocking up over 1200 hours of coaching experience. Basically, I carefully tread that line between being passionate and a tiny bit obsessive about what I do (obsession often wins).

I run accredited coach training programs and coach people from all over the world via the power of the internet.