About me, Jo Casey

Because it’s good to know, right?

I help women build businesses that are sustainable, meaningful and a create a deep and positive impact on our world.

I’m Jo Casey, I have a Masters Degree in Coaching and Organizational Development and I’m an NLP Master Practitioner, MBTI qualified professional certified Emotional Intelligence EQi 2.0 consultant.

I’ve been coaching for over 16 years – clocking up over 1000 hours of coaching experience. I love this craft. I love coaching for its power and creativity and connection. I love the capacity our profession (and that of healers) to resource people, make them more effective, genuinely reconnect with their strength and power. It’s transformational work.

Here’s what I know, now more than ever:

Our work is important. If the past few years in politics has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t afford to mess around anymore. We can’t just be satisfied empowering individuals. We need to alter the conversation and change the very culture we live in.

But (much of) the online coaching industry is fucked up – and it undermines your good work in the world. It relies too heavily on shame-based marketing filled with ‘pushing pain points’ creating false scarcity, and promoting an illusionary perfect lifestyle.

Many online marketing gurus will tell you to ‘push harder’ and ‘hustle for 16 hours a day’ in order to succeed. It’s killing us and our dreams. And it denies the need for a rounded life, self-care, practicing what we preach and forming deep and trusting relationships.

We are all about empathy, empowerment, and ethics.

So why be stuck in a destructive relationship with sleazy marketing methods?

Why settle for changing the world one person at a time, when we can be part of a larger conversation – a conversation about how we change the culture and the unfair structures that hold people back, through our work?

We have the skills to do world-changing work. 

So that’s what I decided I would do:

Help people like you build truly sustainable businesses without resorting to shame-based, manipulative tactics and instead focusing on how your values, ethics AND profession and can aligned and transformative.

Your Ethics & Your Marketing are Not Separate Entities

They can become a beautiful marriage. Head + Heart. Intuition + Strategy
Time and time again I’ve seen coaching program casualties where new and emerging coaches and healers have paid eye-watering amounts of money to business coaches promising the earth (I’ve signed up for a few of those programs myself – none of us are immune.)

When the magic doesn’t work for us, we’re told we just don’t want it badly enough.  We’re left seriously out of pocket, demoralized and feeling like failures.
The solution, we’re told, is to invest even more money, push away all negative people (and thoughts), manifest our desires while working 16 hour days.

Never mind that very few of us HAVE the money, time or energy to put in those sort of resources. Never mind that most of us our building business to enhance our lives – and the lives of those around us (usually on top of day jobs, caring responsibilities, kids, families, patriarchy, white supremacy and the myriad of other challenges that life throws at us).

AND Never mind that the reality is coaching, like any business, is a long game. You need a solid foundation and business model, and a marketing plan that’s based on relationships, conversations and deep connections.

This is a good thing. Building connections is your superpower. It means you have time to allow your business growth and self-growth combine. You can create a business that has depth, meaning and is around for the long haul.

And you get to have a nourished, real life along the way.

Here’s the good news:

When you have clarity (of what you’re offering to and to who

Combined with the confidence of knowing your strengths, skills, and gifts

AND a container that supports your personal growth and development …

THEN you can develop a plan that’s built around you – your unique skills, passions + values.

Finding clients is no longer a chore. It’s a natural, enjoyable part of your business.

And that’s when the really good stuff happens. 

You can get out of hustle.

You don’t need to put on a shiny, happy mask – or pretend to be someone you’re not (someone the internet tells you-you should be).

You can relax some, find a place of ease, create a business that reflects all of who you are – and meets your needs and those of your clients. 

My work is heavily influenced by the teachers and mentors I’ve worked with and been inspired by along the way. People like Kelly Diels,  Chris and Glenda Grimsley, Tara Gentile, Lara HeacockKate Courageous, and Tanya Giesler,

The Lighthearted Stuff

Things that make me swoon (in no particular order):

Freshly washed bed linen, watching my husband get all ‘handy’ around the place (DIY I mean), yellow sandals (seriously, yellow shoes go with a surprising amount of outfits), haberdashery shops, tattoos, yarn of all varieties, melted cheese, yoga, the sound of my kids giggling, Indian food, walking my dog Lucy, mindfulness, pebble beaches, Danish pastries (with a special place in my heart for the Pain au Raisin), Guacamole, Jesus Christ Superstar the musical.

I should also mention I’m a podcast addict – favorites being On Being,  The Chauncey DeVega Show, The Good Life Project, Dear Sugar Radio, The Guilty Feminist, Couragemakers Podcast, and anything from the Crooked Media folks.

(Strangely, as someone who has a podcast all about how to do business in a meaningful way, I don’t listen to many business podcasts – which I feel a bit funny about if I’m honest.)


Lesley Knope

Fantasy Dinner Party Guests:

Maya Angelou, Stephen Fry, Trevor Noah, Caitlin Moran, Tina Fey, Woody Guthrie, Rob Bell, David Tennant, Naomi Klein, Chauncey Devega, The Obamas, Carrie Fisher, Russell T Davies, Sandi Toksvig, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jon Lovett, Oprah, Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen.

(OK – So it would be a BIG dinner party)

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I’ve over 20 years experience of working as a trainer and consultant in the corporate, public and third sectors. My flashy clients and workplaces have included Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC), The NHS, BT, Toyota Motors, Peugeot Business School, The Welsh Assembly Government, The Girl Guides UK, Vets4Pets/Companion Care, several Local Government Authorities, and The Department Of Work And Pensions (DwP). But I’ve also worked with many no less wonderful smaller ventures, micro businesses and SME’s .

I’m a self-confessed nerd and have taught at college and university levels and am a visiting lecturer at the University of Chester.

I’ve a Masters Degree is in Coaching and Organizational Development and I’m an NLP Master Practitioner, MBTI qualified professional certified Emotional Intelligence EQi 2.0 consultant.

I’ve been coaching for over 15 years now – clocking up over 1000 hours of coaching experience. Basically, I carefully tread that line between being passionate and a tiny bit obsessive about what I do (obsession often wins).

I run accredited coach training programs and coach people from all over the world via the power of the internet.