Hiya, I'm Jo

And I know what it's like to be a neurodivergent business owner with big ideas but unpredictable energy.

Because I am one

I help folks like you create businesses that allow you to not just survive, but thrive

I’m a 50+ year-old late-diagnosed Autistic & ADHD business coach from the north of England. After burning out too many times in the corporate world, I’ve been running my business for over 15 years. For the past 9 years, I’ve been helping small business owners create ways to earn, support, and nurture themselves without depleting themselves to exhaustion.

Neurodivergent people like us have been forced to fit into a neurotypical work culture that’s fundamentally at odds with how our minds operate. The demands for long hours, constant hustle, and prioritising productivity over well-being are so ubiquitous that most don’t question it, but it’s incredibly damaging for those wired differently.

I know first-hand how traumatising and dehumanising it feels to constantly push through personal limits to meet neurotypical ideals of working yourself to the bone.

I’m passionate about creating an alternative path – one where neurodivergent entrepreneurs can build lives and businesses aligned with their needs.

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My mission is to help neurodivergent entrepreneurs like us create business strategies that work with our unique brains, not against them. I’m here to show you that you don’t have to buy into the toxic hustle culture or sacrifice your self-acceptance, creativity, rest, and well-being to succeed.

There’s another way – a path where you can build a thriving business while embracing your neurodivergence and living a life that feels integrated and harmonious. I’m all about replacing the grind with a approach that allows us to flourish sustainably, in both our businesses and our lives as a whole.

When we work together, it’s all about embracing who you are and building a business that allows you to truly thrive. That’s where my AuDHD strengths come in handy:

  • My strategic, pattern-spotting brain gets fired up about helping you create business models, pricing structures, and marketing plans that bring in the income you need.
  • My creative, empathetic side is all about helping you untangle the conditioning and emotions that can make change feel daunting and painful.

I’m here to challenge the conventional wisdom that says we need to “normalise” ourselves to fit some neurotypical mould. We deserve to wake up feeling energised and excited, not dreading another day of masking and exhaustion.

I want a world where neurodivergent entrepreneurs like us can build businesses that fit our unique minds and needs, where we can find real joy and sustainability in our work without constantly feeling like we have to keep up with unrealistic demands or push ourselves to the point of exhaustion.

I Want

A world where neurodivergent entrepreneurs like us can build businesses that fit our unique minds and needs like a glove.

I Want

A world where we can find real joy and sustainability in our work, without constantly feeling like we have to keep up with unrealistic demands or push ourselves to the point of exhaustion.

I Want

A world where we don’t have to hide or mask who we really are, but can show up fully as our authentic selves.

That’s the world I’m working towards.

I Value


I’m all about celebrating and embracing who we are as neurodivergent people – our strengths, identities, and ways of being. I don’t believe in trying to change or “fix” ourselves.

Sustainable Thriving

I prioritise sustainable working models, boundaries, and self-care over the hustle culture and unrealistic productivity expectations. I want us to flourish long-term without burning out.

Customised Solutions

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all formulas. No one strategy or technique will work for all. Instead, I take a personalised approach based on each client’s unique strengths, challenges, needs and vision.

Neurodivergent Empowerment

In partnership with my clients, we find insights, strategies, and support to build fulfilling, sustainable businesses that align with their needs and values. This work aims to equip clients with lasting tools for lifelong change and increased capacity.

Systemic Change

Let’s push back against outdated stereotypes and challenge narrow ideas of what it means to be “professional” or “productive.”  We work to create a world that embraces different types of brains values diverse ways of being. 

Whole Self Integration

I help clients create harmony between their business and the rest of their life. I  guide them in weaving their work together with self-care, joy, creativity, relationships, and play. No more sacrificing one part of life for another .

Skills Honed Through Exprience

I have over 20 years of experience as a trainer and consultant in the corporate, public, and third sectors, working with clients such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC), The NHS, BT, Toyota Motors, and many more. I’m a self-confessed nerd, have taught at college and university levels, and am a visiting lecturer at the University of Chester.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Coaching and Organizational Development, and I’m an NLP Master Practitioner, MBTI-qualified professional, and certified Emotional Intelligence EQi 2.0 consultant. With almost 20 years of coaching experience and over 1500 hours under my belt, I run accredited coach training programs and coach people worldwide.

Bits And Pieces

I’m a high masking, late-diagnosed AuDHDer (Autism and ADHD). When I got my diagnosis in my late 40s, it felt like so many pieces of my life finally fell into place.

I have many pairs of yellow shoes – they go with a surprising amount of outfits.

I love tattoos, deep conversation, textile crafts, and singing.

I prefer listening to podcasts and audiobooks to reading. (Fun fact: This year I was diagnosed as dyslexic – at this point, I feel like I’m collecting neurodivergencies like they’re Pokemon.)

I think Jesus Christ Superstar the Musical is an underrated classic.

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