Jen Pavich
The past 2 years or so have been intense politically and have thrown up a ton of questions and opened up a lot of really important conversations about gender, race and just how far we thought we’d come as progressives and feminists – compared to the realisation that it wasn’t nearly far enough. By the time of the 2016 US election, my friend Jen Pavich had graduated coaching school, was finishing up her Masters degree, had a great corporate coaching role and was building up a great private coaching practice. But in spite of it all, she felt like she was hiding a big part of herself in her business – her feminism. Fast forwards to 2019 and Jen is a glorious example of how stepping out from behind the mask of trying to model what every other coach is doing can be the very thing that makes your business shine out from the crowd.   Jen and I first me when she signed up to be part of my Supernova Collective program so I’ve had the privilege of seeing her really step into her brilliance and combine the fire and smarts that is Jen into her business.  

About Jen Pavich

  Jen Pavich is a feminist life coach who helps women overcome the patriarchy in their own heads so they can do the things they really want to do AND become social justice warriors who help overthrow the existing power structure. She is a certified professional coach with an MA in Human Development, a fierce feminist worldview, and a passion for helping women create change in their lives. She is a certified facilitator (candidate) in The Daring Way™ method created by Dr. Brené Brown. Jen is also the creator of Braving Your Business, a four-month program to help business owners be brave and authentic while creating  businesses that align with their values and the host of the Unquiet Sisterhood podcast. (Which I was a guest on the inaugural episode!)    In this episode we talk about:
  • Jen’s journey to truly having an aligned business – and the internal resistance that cropped up along the way.
  • How studying with Brené Brown’s Daring Way Practitioner training helped shape her practice
  • How mainstream coaching and personal development is failing us all – and what we can do about it
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