Jo & Holly – Thinking Bigger & Surrounding Yourself with the Right People

It takes a village to build a successful coaching business – by which I mean, you really can’t do it alone. So this week Holly Worton and I are talking business growth – and how to surround yourself with the right people at the right time in your business.

This business can be tough – and lonely. And, lets face it – most people in our lives have no idea what we do in the online and coaching world! So we couldn’t have built our businesses this far without a support network of cheerleaders, supporters, strategists, accountability partners, mentors, trailblazers – and a whole host of other people in our lives who’re on this journey with us.

In this episode we share times when having this support has been especially valuable, and share tips and suggestions on how you can start to grow your own network of fellow travellers.

This is a great companion episode to our last monthly episode where we talked about the difference between coaching, mentoring and masterminds.


How To Think Bigger-Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

What we discuss in this episode in this episode on How To Think Bigger-Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

  • Why surrounding yourself with right people helps to create a ‘new normal’ for you
  • Why having role models is vital
  • How to know if you’re surrounding yourself with the right people (and what happens if you’re not)
  • Where to find the right people at the right time for your business – whichever stage you’re at
  • The different types of support you need – and how to find it

People & Things We Discussed:

The Coaches Collective


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